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2022: A winning year for our Boston-based, women-owned digital agency. 


Our women-owned digital agency has been a perpetual motion machine since our beginning, and in 2022 we cranked it up with awards galore, a thriving clientele, an expansion of digital marketing and SEO offerings, new team members, a new office, and more.  

We attribute our continued success to our fun-loving and dedicated crew, innovative processes, creativity, and the relationships we have formed with our much-appreciated clients. When you love your work and the people you work with, it shows.

It was a year worth remembering–phenomenal in every way we can think of. We’re happy to give you a brief picture of life at Ladybugz in 2022!

Team celebrating

2022 was full of awards and accolades for our women-owned digital agency

The websites we design continue to receive top-ranked recognition from well-respected peers in the industry. It’s confirmation that we’re going in the right direction, that we’re a step ahead of the trends, and we are a leader of the pack. 

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The awards we garnered in 2022 include:

  • – Placement in the Top 10 — 25 Best Web Design Agencies to Transform Your Brand in 2022 [Announcement]
  • Web Marketing Association Standard of Excellence Award – Client: Fulcrum Genomics website [Read Story | Visit Website]
  • Vega Digital Awards – UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab – A Centauri winner for Biotech Startup Website – Animation Category [Read Story | View Website | Announcement]
  • – A top-ranked (5/5 stars) Website Design and Digital Grown Agency [Read Story | Announcement]  

Ladybugz Team at Awards


Featured websites using our proven-agile method for growth companies in biotech, healthcare, b2b/c, and non-profit.

The heart of our business is custom website design and development, with SEO and web marketing programs to support digital success and company growth. This year we’ve created more than 25 captivating websites, each designed for maximum engagement. 

Here’s a sampling of websites from three of our key verticals:

Agile web design for early-stage biotech and biopharma companies

Our biotech clientele is booming as we’ve gained a reputation for bringing in fresh ideas that meet our clients’ marketing needs, no matter what stage they are in product development and funding. Our support of these innovative companies stokes our entrepreneurial spirit and we are excited to help them transform their vision into reality. 

Here’s a sample of just a few of the biotech and biopharma websites we designed in 2022:

  • Coya Therapeutics (Houston, TX) – Clinical-stage biotech needed an up-leveled website design before IPO [Project | Visit Website]
  •  OrsoBio (Palo Alto, CA) – Branding and design to launch a new company with promise in therapeutics [Project | Visit  Website]
  • FibroBiologics (Houston, TX) – Required an improved website to attract funding and share their wealth of patents.[Project | Visit  Website]
  • SonoThera (Palo-Alto, CA) – Newly launched biotech company with a ground-breaking gene therapy delivery system. [Project | Visit  Website]

 Other biotech websites by our women-owned digital agency [Portfolio]

Women-owned Digital Agency Team Boston MA

Non-profit website design for early-growth, modernizing organizations

Each project takes on special meaning when we partner with our non-profit clients in areas including professional associations, education, and the arts. It gives our team great satisfaction to help these purposeful organizations gain visibility, reach out, and thrive well into the future.

We are proud of the wide-ranging impact we made on these two (and other) non-profit project(s):

  • Pine Point School (Stonington, CT) Independent School Website Redesign for 75th Anniversary  [Project | Visit Website]
  • Hudson Community Food Pantry (Hudson, MA) – Website Design, Development, and Support for Local Food Pantry [Project | Visit Website]

Other non-profit websites by our women-owned digital agency

Agile website design for Boston b2b and b2c businesses

While we service clients around the country, we are proud to strengthen other Boston-area businesses and organizations. 

  • JB Sash and Door – Throughout its 80 years in business, our client has provided windows and doors that preserve the unique architectural features in historic Boston. We design a new website that affirms the company’s long-standing background while supporting its forward-thinking architectural solutions.  [Project | Visit Website]
  • Browne Consulting Group – This Cambridge-based accounting firm serves biotech and life sciences start-ups. We met the challenge of modernizing and remessaging their website to help them quickly recruit quality candidates and attract clients in this rapidly growing, highly competitive industry [Project | Visit Website]
  • Rucker Investments – We updated the website for this family office that was founded on an integrity-first approach. The website has a clean, modern look with the right messaging to attract hard-to-find talent, showcase their investments, and draw people to their foundation. 
Ladybugz Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Strategists in the US on a photo screen of a computer
Ladybugz Interactive, a boutique digital agency in Boston, MA named Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Strategists in the US by the Manifest

Digital growth for evolving and transforming local brands

2022 saw rapid growth in our digital marketing team and capabilities. As we have expanded these services to help our clients to grow their digital footprints, we keep our focus to what we do best. Our services include digital marketing, SEO programs and strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, and other key areas. 

As a boutique agency, we provide the highest level of personalized, results-oriented SEO and digital programs. Here are two examples from 2022:

  • Medi Tresse – In a review, this healthcare-industry SEO client praised our timeliness, responsiveness, collaboration, expertise, and stellar results.In a short time, first-page keywords increased by 150 percent. Organic keywords grew by 55 percent, for a 70 percent increase in booked appointments from organic traffic.  
  • Golden Group Construction Corp – This woman- and immigrant-owned SEO client’s glowing review on shared their immediate positive effects on site speed, usability, and architecture, plus an approximate 200 percent increase in traffic and improvements to their SERP rankings.

We’re happy to talk about how we can provide web marketing services to help your business grow.

Additions to the Ladybugz Team

We work hard, have a great time, and care about each other. What can we say? We have strong creative synergy and do our best to share our spirit and positivity with our clients.

We have added these talented folks to our team and have full confidence in their ability to contribute to our clients’ growth and success!

Lysa Miller, founder and CEO of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Welcome to the Ladybugz Interactive Web Team:

  • Aya Lanzoni – Digital marketing, specializing in account management [More about Aya]
  • Alison Sullivan – Project and Content Management [More about Alison]
  • Leanne Kennis – Messaging Expert and Content Writer, specializing in biotech industry clients [More about Leanne]
  • Michelle Eld – Content Writer for a diverse range of clients and internal content needs [More about Michelle]
  • Roberto Torres – Local and Technical SEO consultant with proven results [More about Roberto
  • Mickey Miller – Business Operations and Customer Service [More about Mickey]

Thought leadership around our industry today and in the future

Our fearless leader, Lysa Miller, has a reputation for shaking things up and doing great work in sometimes unexpected ways. She’s a master digital strategist and entrepreneur recognized for the rapid growth of Ladybugz, her energetic personality, and her promotion of women-owned businesses. Lysa has remained a sought-out guest for industry podcasts. 

We welcome you to listen to a few of the latest!

Building an Agency Past 7-Figures – Entrepreneur MBA Podcast

How to Build a Thriving Agency with Freelancers – The Socialistics Anti-Agency Podcast – Stories of Social Media Pros

From Ground Podcast –’s Pilot Episode Features the Leaders of Top Ranked Women Owned Agencies. 

Chloe and Frank from Ladybugz

Happy 2023!

Ladybugz Interactive is already rocking it in 2023–adding to its roster of clients, continuing to learn, putting our talent to work for our amazing clients. Let’s talk about how our full-service agency can ramp up your website design, SEO, content marketing, and other programs to grow your brand.  


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Amy Westebbe

Amy Westebbe

Amy guides client's content strategies for our web design projects and digital marketing clients. She helps our B2B brands, improve their value propositions and ROI through messaging and content. Amy's industry experience includes writing for biotech and life sciences, B2B, healthcare and health tech and construction and manufacturing. In addition to web and online marketing content, Amy is passionate about developing reports and white papers. We like to call Amy, Ladybugz secret weapon when it comes to ranking your content on Google!

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