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Biotech website award for design and animation on a biotech startup project

Michelle Eld

Michelle Eld

Michelle is a copywriter and editor with more than 25 years of experience. She works at Ladybugz producing quality content for blogs, websites, and social media platforms. She works with global, national and regional clients in all industries, giving her a broad range of subject matter expertise honed over more than two decades. She lives north of Boston with her husband and two boys ages 20 and 17. She enjoys reading, hitting the gym, and watching her kids’ sports games and rock concerts in her spare time.

Ladybugz Snags Vega’s Best Use of Video/Moving Image Award for 2022

Web Award Winner Centauri Award from VegaThe creative team at Ladybugz Interactive Agency has done it again, creating an award-winning website design that captured leaders’ attention in the biotech space. As a result, we are incredibly proud to announce we have been named a 2022 Centauri winner from Vega Digital Awards in the Biotech Startup Website With Animation category.

This “Best Use of Video/Moving Image” distinction recognizes the animated and user-activated website we crafted earlier this year for Nanotein Technologies, a biotech startup in Berkeley CA known for its groundbreaking CAR-T expansion technology. This award is truly a feather in our cap, as our team worked tirelessly to bring all elements together for a fluid, jaw-dropping, and remarkable result. 

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Embracing a Challenge: An Interactive Project with a Deadline

There was an added challenge to this project that brought out our creative talents with a bit of a time crunch. We had to accommodate the client’s wish to showcase the website at a rapidly-approaching conference. As usual, this urgency only fueled our desire to create a stunning website. One that not only highlighted the client’s cutting-edge work but also appealed to their target audience of peer scientists.

Raising awareness of Nanotein’s revolutionary CAR-T expansion technology required that collaboration be top of mind as we created the stunning yet informative custom WordPress website. Our agile discovery process empowered our team to cater the site to Nanotein’s current needs, while also making it easily adaptable to meet future goals.  

Our efforts were met with enthusiasm from the Co-Founder & CEO of Nanotein Technologies, Curtis Hodge, who said: 

They were able to listen to my vision and make something that’s visually appealing and interactive.

A Dynamic Website With a Clear Focus and Objective

Our team is no stranger to the biotech startup website design arena. We’ve worked with many similar companies before. Therefore, we used this depth of knowledge to communicate the truly amazing work of this company with precision and clarity.  

The biotech start-up’s resulting website was a collaboration of our design and writing teams, and the client. We included dynamic, abstract scientific animation that would draw the eye through clean and aesthetically-pleasing elements, offset by strategically-placed calls to action for free test kits of Nanotein’s CAR-T expansion reagent. 

First, the client wanted to drive user engagement with low barriers for test signup. Secondly, they required a ground-up professional website.  Next, they wanted to showcase the next generation of t-cell activation and expansion technology. Last, they wanted to appeal to peer scientists. 

Most importantly, because of the collaborative effort on both sides, we checked all those boxes and more. 

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Biotech Website Award for Motion/ Animation: Fueling Future Efforts 

We are proud to be a Vega Digital Awards winner. Our dedication to this endeavor is something we will cherish and use to fuel our next incredible undertaking. 

Delivering a professional property that has successfully attracted numerous research subjects, Ladybugz Interactive Agency was a valuable partner. They delivered ahead of time, ensuring proper functioning at a critical in-person event. They were a creative and attentive team throughout the work.

-Curtis Hodge, Co-Founder & CEO of Nanotein Technologies

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Check Out Our Digital Awards: We’re Proud.

As we alluded to above, this isn’t our first rodeo. The Ladybugz team is proud to be the recipient of several other awards for our creative website design. As a result, you’ll find Ladybugz Interactive Agency and our clients featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, The Boston Business Journal, The Worcester Business Journal, MetroWest Daily News, Visit Massachusetts and more.

As you can see, we are constantly pushing ourselves to become pioneers in our industry through innovative attention to detail. For example, here are just a few of our most recent distinctions.

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We’re very proud of our Agency and Biotech Website Awards. At Ladybugz Interactive, we love to do outstanding work for our clients. Our focus is on early growth clients in biotech, independent education, non-profit, healthcare and B2B and legacy brands.

We love all things messaging, content, brand design, web design and marketing. We could be the right agency for your business. Contact our digital agency today!

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