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We're a funky co-op of Boston-based web designers and digital marketers.

Our web design company and digital marketing agency in Boston, MA offers digital growth services beyond high-end custom website design. Our digital expertise includes strategy, branding & design, brand messaging and content development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. 

As a web design company that specialized in custom WordPress responsive websites, we help companies bring their digital vision to life through a successful agile process and a collaborative client engagement. 

Our ideal and successful clients include those in early-growth biotech, non-profits, independent schools, B2B, and local-legacy brands. We have also served other specialty industries and the most important factor in our success is a collaborative process and relationship. 

As a full-service, digital, strategic partner, we can help exceed your business goals. 

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A website design company, that is much more…

Our team leaders know success, and are well-seasoned industry experts with many years of experience in their relevant fields. We are also a diverse team whose skills include web design, web development, brand design, SEO, content marketing, social media strategy, videography, photography and PR. We’re here to help you build a brand that gets easily found, recognized and speaks to your audience. We want to exceed your goals and expectations.

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Meet Our Team

Headshot of Lysa Miller, Founder & CEO of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Lysa Miller, Hudson MA

Founder, Digital Strategy + Growth

Billie Kenyon graphic

Billie Kenyon, Worcester MA

Sales Operations + Customer Success

Frank Pereira, Providence RI

WordPress & Technical Support Specialist

Lysa Miller, Founder & CEO of Ladybugz Interactive poses with official logo.

Lysa Miller, Founder / Digital Strategy and Growth

Along with many other owner roles, Lysa leads digital marketing strategy for ourselves and our clients. Lysa oversees all client accounts and actively participates from a high-level to ensure the customer’s success. When it comes to the future and growth of your business, Lysa thinks ten steps ahead and has your strategy planned for the next few years. Her motto is “it always begins with your website.”

Billie Kenyon / Sales Operations + Customer Success

Billie ensures our projects and client engagements over-deliver every single time. She is dedicated to continuous improvement and implementing new and innovative solutions on an iterative basis. She believes that success builds upon success, and helps drive our team forward as our company expands and grows. In 2022, she was an honoree in Worcester Business Journal’s 40 under 40 Awards for her role in our growth and contributions to the Worcester Community.

Frank Pereira / Web Services

Frank is a creative, accomplished WordPress content implementation specialist and graphic designer. He is highly regarded for managing computer networking systems and overseeing layout designs that exceed all client expectations. Frank is an out-of-the-box thinker who champions innovative solutions to enhance system efficiencies and elevate the design and presentation of websites.

Morgan Kropa, Creative Director at Ladybugz Interactive

Morgan Kropa, Concord MA

Creative Direction + Brand Strategy

Ryan Kohler Website and Brand Designer Headshot on Ladybugz Website.

Ryan Kohler, Keane NH

Lead UI/UX Designer

Jon Sroka, Business Strategy at Ladybugz Interactive

Jon Sroka, Worcester MA

Business Strategy

Morgan Kropa / Creative Direction + Brand Strategy

Morgan is a seasoned brand strategist, designer, and photographer. Her talents empower polished results across brand design, website design, and digital marketing projects. An expert in authentic brand storytelling, Morgan leads our clients through agile creative development so they can attract ideal customers and create impact in their respective industries. Her passionate, upbeat, and collaborative style keeps teams smiling from kickoff to launch. 

Ryan Kohler / Lead UI/UX Designer

Ryan is a talented graphic designer specializing in brand and website user-experience design. He works with our B2B clients in biotech, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, and several other industries. Most recently he’s been focusing on branding for biotech companies and web design for our healthcare and professional services clients.

Photo of Jonathan Sroka of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Jon Sroka / Business Strategy

Jon has spent most of his career in Marketing SaaS companies helping them grow, scale, and take it to the next level. He will help develop the scaling framework while ensuring the same award winning results. Jon is excited to work with clients on the value of investing in your digital brand. He strongly believes that websites and digital strategy are the cornerstone to any successful brand building and demand generation goals.

What I love most about working on this team is how we have a culture founded on nurturing potential and growth. We are a team not defined by the work that we have done, but by our creative talents; the work that we bring out in each other and by having a collective, agile mindset.

Morgan Kropa, Creative Director
Aya Lanzoni, Project manager at Ladybugz Interactive

Aya Lanzoni, Upton MA

Digital Marketing Strategy

Ola Patykowski, PR and Communications Manager at Ladybugz Interactive

Ola Patykowski, Boston MA

PR & Communications Manager

Crystal Daher, Project manager at Ladybugz Interactive

Crystal Daher, Boylston MA​

Digital Marketing Project Management

Photo of Aya Lanzoni with Ladybugz glasses

Aya Lanzoni / Digital Marketing Strategy

Aya leads digital marketing accounts along with analytics reporting for our B2C + B2C clients. She works with the content team to produce lead generating, brand building, and SEO savvy digital programs that yield big results for our clients. Aya is also a writer by trade and also dabbles in some writing when not managing her team of writers.

Photo of Ola Patykowski a communications expert at Ladybugz Interactive.

Ola Patykowski / PR & Communications Manager

Ola is assisting our agency on internal marketing and events, as well as promoting and posting on our social media. Ola has experience in event planning, social media management & video creation. You will find her taking over and growing our social media platforms, attending community events, creating video communications, and promoting our Ladybugz brand in the community and online.

Photo of Ladybugz Interactive Team

Crystal Daher / Digital Marketing Project Management

Crystal works with our digital strategists, social and SEO experts to help move clients forward in their digital growth. By implementing creative digital marketing, social media, storytelling and SEO programs, Crystal leads our team in getting results. In her free time, Crystal is also runs a blog and Facebook group for over 30K people.

Alison Rochford headshot

Alison Rochford, Natick MA

Project + Content Management

Amy Westebbe, writer at

Amy Westebbe, Newton MA

Content Strategy + Copywriting

Leanne Kennis Messaging Writer at Ladybugz

Leanne Kennis, Berlin MA

Brand Messaging + Content Production

Alison Rochford / Project + Content Management

Alison Rochford is a writer with experience in journalism, PR, and marketing. At Ladybugz, Alison writes website content for our clients in biotech and healthcare, along with some non-profit and B2B. She also helps our clients with SEO writing for their website launches and ongoing projects.

Photo of Billie Kenyon and Amy Westebbe of Ladybugz Interactive Agency.

Amy Westebbe / Content Strategy + Copywriting

Amy guides our client’s content strategies and provides engaging SEO content to our B2B and B2C clients. Her solid skills in research help her write performing high-converting content for our clients that improve not only their SEO but their digital brands including some focus on thought leadership.

Leanne Kennis / Brand Messaging and Content Production

With 15 years of professional writing experience in biotech, consumer, and nonprofit, Leanne is a seasoned writer and strategic thinker who infuses passion and industry knowledge into all that she does. Leanne is helping our biotech clients define their messaging, tell their stories, explain the science, and attract new investors.

My favorite part about our clients is getting to see them change and grow from when we initially talk to them during the intake process (seeing if they are a Ladybug!); seeing if we are the right agency for them, and then seeing them all the way throughout the launch process. We see them get even better clarity on who they are in their business; as they challenge us on our designs, we challenge them on how to make their website elevated. That collaboration between us, the client, the team members is one of my favorite things to see that magic really happen.

Billie Kenyon, COO
Photo of Pankaj Mahesh a Web developer for Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Pankaj Maheshwari, Boston MA

Developer + Technical Support

Michelle Eld, Dracut, MA

Michelle Eld, Dracut, MA

Content Production

Alex Cachon social media manager for Ladybugz in Boston MA

Alex Cachon, Miami FL

Social Media Management + Growth

Pankaj Mahesh and his wife Mettal.

Pankaj Maheshwari / Developer + Technical Support

Pankaj has more than 15+ years of experience, including exposure to both e-commerce and product environments. He works with and manages cross geography teams. He has experience building websites and apps using the latest technology. He is an avid problem solver and the company go-to for technical fixes and anything the rest of us don’t know how to do.

Michelle Eld enjoying her time at the beach.

Michelle Eld / Content Production

Michelle is a writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience producing quality content for blogs, websites, and social media platforms. She has worked with global, national and regional clients in all industries, giving her a broad range of subject matter expertise honed over more than two decades.

Alex Cachon, social media manager at Ladybugz Interactive, surfing in Spain.

Alex Cachon / Social Media Management + Growth

Alex is our social media manager and has clients in most vertical spaces across the Globe. Alex takes our client’s social media messaging to the next level to improve brand and SEO. He’s helped develop and improve our custom processes and programs for our social media clients. Alex also runs Ladybugz internal social media programs. So if you think it is awesome give him a high-five!

Roberto Torres headshot

Roberto Torres, Springfield MA

Local + Technical SEO

Igor Mateski headshot

Igor Mateski, Boston MA

Small Enterprise Projects Team Leader

Maggie Benson headshot

Maggie Benson, Vancouver BC

Digital Advertising + SEO Strategy

Robert Torres with his son. Roberto is an SEO expert at Ladybugz Interactive in Boston MA.

Roberto Torres / Local + Technical SEO

Roberto lives and breathes all things technical and local SEO. Much of his career has been spent in IT, and his strong technical skills are what keep our SEO clients’ websites at peak performance. Roberto is an expert in indexing, troubleshooting Google issues, and evangelist for Core Vitals. He’s also kinda funny.

Igor Mateski enjoying time with his family on the beach.

Igor Mateski / Small Enterprise Projects Team Leader

Igor has been managing web design and development projects for most of his 20-year career. His technical, creative and process skills shine on every small enterprise project he works on. Igor strives for technical excellence on all projects, treating every project like it is his only project. His team leadership skills, keep projects on time and budget for our larger projects.

Maggie Benson / Digital Advertising + SEO Strategy

Maggie leads our digital advertising team. Maggie and her team of digital advertising experts spend their time optimizing conversions and creating metrics that help make the best data-backed buying decisions for our B2B clients. When not analyzing data from Ads, Maggie helps our clients with SEO strategy and research and technical SEO. We love our Canadians.

Our clients are the best – we work with them to help them grow. And that’s really what it’s all about; being able to support each other. When they succeed, we succeed!
Aya Lanzoni, Digital Strategy
Headshot of Katherine Jasmine, Content Writer at Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Katherine Jasmine, York ME

Content Production + Public Relations

Mickey Miller is a an intern from Isenburg School of Business working in Business Operations at Ladybugz Interactive Agency, a website design company in Boston MA.

Mickey Miller, Lancaster MA

Business Operations

Katherine Jasmine / Content Production + Public Relations

Katherine is a skilled interviewer, researcher and content writer. She works on PR and brand building for our Ladybugz brand along along with most of our B2C clients. Her content pieces focus on company culture, thought leadership, press releases, local marketing and community awareness. Katherine also helps us craft topics and stories for ourselves and our clients.

Mickey driving the company vehicle.

Mickey Miller / Business Operations

Mickey is a junior at Isenburg School of Business at UMass Amherst, majoring in Business Operations and MIS. He is assisting our agency with business operations improvements in the areas of client management, finance, revenue operations and general business operations management. Mickey’s role is to help ensure quality assurance and implement new processes for our rapid growth.

Ryan Davey / Brand Content Creation and Photography

Ryan has been shooting content (video and photography) for over ten years. He currently calls our studio in Hudson home, but he can also be found on location with clients in education and non-profit. As a professional educator by day, Ryan’s experience in education has helped him create a knack for video and photo storytelling. Ryan is also booking studio headshots and brand photography.

Ola Patykowski, PR + Communications
Ryan Davey, Brand Photography Hudson MA

Ryan Davey, Southborough MA

Brand Content Creation + Photography

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