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2024 Award-Winning Biotech Website Design for SanaHeal


The Ladybugz team is honored to be a part of an exciting award given to an extraordinary biotech company. SanaHeal wins a 2024 Communicator Award of Distinction for biotechnology websites.

When Ladybugz Interactive first met the SanaHeal team, they knew they were about to create something truly special and unique. From the initial kickoff meeting, the Ladybugz and SanaHeal teams gelled effortlessly as they embarked on a creative journey, the result of which was an award-winning biotech website design.

See SanaHeal’s award-winning biotech website design. 

About the Communicator Awards

For the last three decades, the Communicator Awards have recognized excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication, as the leading international awards program honoring talent in this highly competitive field. 

SanaHeal Bioadhesive Technology

SanaHeal is a preclinical biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is developing a biocompatible, next-generation bioadhesive technology that can be applied to wet, contaminated, and uneven surfaces to control bleeding. 

SanaHeal looked to our experienced biotech marketing team to build a website that could explain the inspiration behind their innovation and technology clearly and compellingly and effectively introduce it to a crowded biotech space. They wanted a clean and modern website that felt inviting and visually appealing. This would draw visitors deeper into their website beyond their homepage.

Custom Website Design, Top to Bottom.

From early on, the SanaHeal team told Ladybugz they wanted a custom website from top to bottom. They wanted custom photography, unique shapes and colors. They also wanted to include thoughtful animation to help tell their unique story and bring their originality to life. By incorporating distinctive shapes, patterns, and design elements, the Ladybugz team explored their existing palette of branding colors. This led to the suggestion of visual extensions that would help elevate their new biotech website. 

Ladybugz photographer visited SanaHeal’s unique and beautiful space in Cambridge to take custom photographs of their lab and office. Professional headshots for all team members were also captured. The custom photography of their team, space, and products in the lab took their biotech website to the next level.

Sanaheal team with their newly designed web site with ladybugz interactive

Inspired by Nature, Powered By Science

The Ladybugz team of writers got to craft language to communicate the inspiration behind their innovation and the benefits of their technology. This would be done with attention-grabbing homepage headlines and supporting copy. Our writers presented several new headlines and concepts that ranged in style and tone, and the SanaHeal team ultimately chose the option that clearly and concisely explained their inspiration and technology that you see above. 

From a content perspective, the goal was always to use clear and concise language to explain their complex, next-generation technology. Working together, the teams accomplished this goal. The redesigned website communicated the most important information about their product and company both visually and through the right messaging. 

“All deliverables were successfully achieved on time. The LadyBugz team was highly responsive and kept us updated on the details throughout the project progress.” -SanaHeal

Award-Winning Healthcare Website Design 

2024 is off to a winning start with news of another exciting award in the healthcare space. 

Our Boston web design agency has received “Gold status” for an award-winning healthcare website design. The design for the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, was honored with the Gold Horizon Award from Horizon Interactive Awards.

See the award-winning healthcare website design.

The UPenn Medicine women’s healthcare company enlisted the help of the Ladybugz digital design agency to build a new healthcare website that would introduce its revolutionary women’s healthcare vision to the world. Their team pioneered a flexible, evidence-based model for PEACE (Pregnancy Early Access Center) clinics, which help bridge the critical gap in care during early pregnancy. 

They needed a website that would visually and through its messaging communicate the problem, which is a lack of care available to women within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy when most complications arise and the financial burden it places on our system, and then offer up the solution, which are PEACE clinics and a simple guide that can help others start their clinics and join their mission to transform the standard of early pregnancy care. The Ladybugz team delivered a beautiful and empowering website that was colorful, inviting, and elicited a feeling of trust, support, and guidance. 

Want to work with an award-winning, top custom web design agency for biotechs?         

Ladybugz Interactive offers biotech website design and development, SEO strategy, messaging, and content. The award-winning agency also offers digital marketing, social media and content marketing, branding and design, and web support. If you are ready to start building the website of your dreams, let’s talk. 

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With 15 years of professional writing experience in biotech, consumer, and nonprofit, Leanne is a seasoned writer and strategic thinker who infuses passion and industry knowledge into all that she does. At Ladybugz she is helping our biotech brands define their message and bring that out on their websites.

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