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A UPenn Medicine women’s healthcare company enlisted the help of our expert digital design agency to build a new website that would introduce their revolutionary women’s healthcare vision to the world. Their team pioneered a flexible, evidence-based model for PEACE (Pregnancy Early Access Center) clinics that help bridge the critical gap in care during early pregnancy. The PEACE team needed a website that would visually and through its messaging communicate the problem — the lack of care available to women within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy when most complications arise, including miscarriage, and the financial burden it places on our system — the solution, which are PEACE clinics, and a guide to help others start their own clinics and join their mission to transform the standard of early pregnancy care.





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UPenn Perelman School of Medicine Introduces revolutionary healthcare vision with PEACE

Women’s Healthcare Team Needed a Website that Inspires and Informs

Our digital agency has worked with many extraordinary clients before who are disruptors and innovators, working hard to introduce path-breaking new ideas, products, and methodologies to antiquated industries in hopes of changing the status quo, moving the needle, and paving a new path forward. 

The PEACE team needed an informative yet inspiring website that could successfully disrupt clinicians and organizations and encourage them to take action. Their goal was to help others start their own PEACE clinic by using their step-by-step guide so that more patients would receive the care they so desperately need. . 

What Elements Are Needed for a Successful Women’s Healthcare Website?

Every successful women’s healthcare website must include powerful imagery, videos, and infographics paired with engaging headlines and supporting copy that together set up the problem, and solution, and drive action. For PEACE, the action they wanted was for people to use their guide to set up a clinic. They needed a website that could educate and empower others working in the field to see this gap in care and start a clinic to help bridge the void so that women no longer have to suffer through early pregnancy complications like miscarriages alone or end up in the emergency room because they do not know where else to turn. Their project timeline was set for 12 weeks.


A New Website for a Women’s Healthcare Company

We partnered with the PEACE team to understand their desires so we could bring their vision to life. Our design and content team created a bright and colorful palette with ample white space that complimented hopeful videos and imagery to create a look and feel that portrayed hope and care for women in the early pregnancy stages. With the visual design established, our designers and our content team worked hand-in-hand with the client to perfect every element of this website to tell the PEACE story. 

Our writers clearly set up the problem and solution, and then directed attention to the guide that would help clinicians and organizations set up their own PEACE clinic. The website needed to be inspiring, clear, and action-based to meet the PEACE team’s goal. Through a strong channel of communication, we did that and some alongside the PEACE team who brought new ideas to the table at every meeting. During one meeting, a podcast created by PEACE’s leading doctor was mentioned and a powerful story emerged from it. The addition of the full podcast’s audio and an excerpt transcribed significantly elevated the About Page because it offered an emotional patient story that articulated the struggle women experience in those early weeks of pregnancy, the lack of care, and the need for PEACE.  

Easily Accessible and Action-Oriented

Apart from beautiful design and hopeful messaging, the website needed to provide easy access to their guide, as it was the focus and primary call to action of their website. The PEACE Clinic Guide that the Ladybugz team created visually highlights each step that will help clinicians and organizations start their own clinic. Using infographics and clear action callouts, our team housed a large amount of information on one page. This page was the focus of their website so we had to get it right to drive action and achieve their goal. The Ladybugz team organized information with creative toggles and dropdowns to keep the page organized and simple, but exploratory so people could dive deeper into additional information.

Website Features Customized for Women’s Healthcare

We worked closely with the PEACE team to understand their mission, goals, and challenges so we could create a women’s healthcare website customized to fit their needs. Their website highlights their evidence-based PEACE model for early pregnancy care and also their experienced team at U Penn Medicine who designed it. Their site highlights their mission through:

  • graphics and imagery that showcase hope and care, two things women need and are not receiving in the first few weeks of pregnancy when most complications arise 
  • a robust guide that helps clinicians and organizations start their own PEACE clinic, which is the goal and primary call to action for the website 
  • information that clearly states the problem, solution, and action steps 
PEACE - UPenn Website Womens' Healthcare Website

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