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WordPress Web Support, SEO Support + Hosting Services for your Company.

We will keep your website safe, sound and found.

Web Support

When it comes to making sure your website is performing at its highest capacity, our team has a proactive approach to WordPress website + SEO support. It's our goal to take that worry off your plate, so you can focus on the day-to-day growth of your organization and digital marketing needs.

We make sure that your website maintenance works hand in hand with your plans for digital marketing and website growth. Our goal is to offer your customers a top-notch user-experience to improve your websites overall conversion rates and performance.

WordPress Web Support

Our technical team has years of experience supporting WordPress websites and any complications they might throw at us. We will work with you to meet your goals, and to provide top notch support for your WordPress website. We will also provide you with ongoing consulting and suggestions to help keep your website running at its top performance. Our website support team also loves to empower clients to update and use their website as a growth tool. So our support also can include training for your team along with any kind of consulting you might need to move forward.

WordPress SEO Support

If you have spent some time improving your website's overall, and need our help in maintaining your search positions, we are here to support you. Not everybody needs and ongoing full-blown SEO strategy (nor can everyone afford it) but we will help you improve and maintain what you currently have, without a huge commitment to strategy and content production. If you are producing your own content, we will help you optimize it and implement and assist with your in-house SEO strategy as technical experts and your WordPress trusted partner.

WordPress Web Hosting

Having your website and support partner under one roof takes one less worry off of your plate. When you need help, we have full access without having to verify login credentials and verifications. Hosting on our agency server allows us to continue to monitor our clients using the same checklists and processes. We also are experts in our own web hosting environment making it easier for us to support your website and avoid any technical and security issues. We maintain our server on a daily basis and provide comparable services to WP Engines Expert Plan.

We provide three levels of expert WordPress Web Support. We can also customize a support package to include more hours to support and manage your website updates. We also offer a variety of Digital Growth Packages that could meet your further expanded marketing and growth needs.

WordPress Web Support Packages

Proactive Plan:

Our basic plan keeps your website safe and performing at its highest level without you lifting a finger. This plan is 100% proactive.

  • SSL certificate
  • Update of WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress code versioning
  • Phone support to fix issues
  • Security monitoring
  • eCommerce Support
  • Website updates (not to exceed 1 hour per month)
  • Best for companies who want to maintain a solid high performing brand web presence

$300 month ($3000 billed annually)

(Save $600)

Enhanced Plan:

Our proactive plan helps you stay on top of speed, performance, analytics and web core vitals.

  • Includes Basic Plan Services
  • Site speed testing + Web Vitals Checks
  • Google My Business Updates
  • Google Search Console fixes
  • Form checks
  • Website updates (not to exceed 2 hours per month)
  • Proactive monthly site improvements
  • Best for clients who really use their website to drive sales.

$600 month
($6000 billed annually)

(Save $1200)

Premium Plan:

Our enhanced plan is a step-down from our first level of digital growth, effective and affordable.

  • Includes Proactive Plan services
  • Ongoing monthly SEO improvements
  • Local SEO strategy and implementation
  • SEO consulting and recommendations
  • Monthly review of analytics.
  • Basic Website Improvements
  • Does not include content marketing or social media management
  • Quarterly meeting
  • Best for clients who want to do their own “SEO” but need high-level guidance and some support. 

$900 month
($9000 billed annually)

(Save $1800)