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Bioscience Website Design Wins Web Excellence Award 2022

Alison Rochford

Alison Rochford

Alison Rochford is a writer with experience in journalism, PR, and marketing. She has worked with dozens of companies to write copy for advertisements and social media that reflect the brand and mission of the companies themselves. She's part of our delivery team for digital strategy and implementation. Alison Rochford, Digital Marketing

Our digital agency has carved out a niche working with bioscience companies, both locally and in other biotech start-up hotspots such as San Diego, Silicon Valley and LA. 

We’ve designed and developed bioscience websites that have taken biotech companies from early startups to multi-million dollar operations. Alamar Biosciences was one prime example that won our team recognition in this highly growing and competitive Industry. 

Now, we’ve been recognized for our work by an international panel of industry experts. The website we created for Alamar Biosciences in Silicon Valley has won the 5th annual Web Excellence Awards. More than 900 agencies from across 30 countries submitted websites to this competition. Our Boston web design agency was recognized in the category of websites for bioscience

The Web Excellence Awards judges ranked each website submitted on a 10-point scale. They considered strategy creativity, innovation, implementation, functionality, technical execution, and impact. 

Biotech Startup Website Design Example

Strategy + an Agile process

When Alamar Biosciences reached out to our Boston based digital agency in 2021, they were a pre-series B company looking for a custom website. The Biosciences company had a short timeline and a limited budget for this project. This was no problem for our team of web designers and experts. Our web and UX designers worked closely with the client to shape the look and feel of the website, and brought a few proposals to the table. 

Our User Experience and Creative Direction Lead Robbie Moore spearheaded the design. He describes the process as “amazingly collaborative and fast.”

“They came to us with nothing but a logo,” says Robbie. Within four weeks, however, we designed, developed, and launched their award-winning custom WordPress website. 

Creativity, Innovation, and Implementation

Robbie and the team had a particularly unique challenge in designing this website: they weren’t allowed to show details about Alamar’s work throughout the process. For privacy reasons, Alamar was not at a point where they could share specific details. Robbie worked with the team from Alamar to select imagery that best represented the company and their work. 

Without getting bogged down by details, the team was able to focus on design and create a visually stunning site. Whenever our design team presents proposals to a client, they come prepared with a range of design styles. Some clients prefer sleek, modern aesthetics. Others lean toward tried-and-trusted traditional looks. We are always sure to offer both. This time, Alamar went bold. 

It’s hard to convince a company to have the courage to be bold and take risks,” says Robbie. “They either have it or they don’t — and the Alamar team definitely did.”

The result speaks for itself. 

Functionality, Technical Implementation and Impact

Alamar Biosciences initially needed a visually stunning site and increased online presence that would attract inventors. As Alamar has grown, their goals have shifted – from funding, to recruiting employees, and ultimately finding clients. We created a website that could grow with them. Creating a custom management system for Alamar allowed them to adapt their content to their changing needs.

The result is a website as sophisticated as Alamar Biosciences themselves. One feature of note is the API integration. Our implementation team worked with Alamar to implement it. This API enables Alamar to streamline their employee search and save money, two priorities for the growing biotech company

Immediately after launching their new website last summer, Alamar noticed an uptick in inquiries and leads. Six months later, they have acquired $80 million in funding and their work in the field of cell proteins could have an enormous impact on healthcare. 

Creating an Award-Winning Bioscience Website 

Web excellence award for Biosciences Website DesignThere’s no one-size-fits-all solution to creating a successful biotech website, but here’s what works for us. 

Agile Discovery Process 

We pride ourselves on our agile discovery process. Oftentimes, clients come in without a clear idea of their marketing wants and needs. By getting to know the clients, the company, and their goals, we can find the solutions that work best for who they are. 

In this case, Alamar Biosciences was unsure of some elements of their logo. After learning more about the company, we fine tuned their brand and achieved a sophisticated aesthetic look, feel and message for their website that would help attract investors and career candidates. 

Thinking outside the box 

This bioscience website won the Web Excellence Award in part for its innovation. Our team of creatives tends to think outside the box, and this was no exception. 

“I’d rather be a trendsetter than a trend follower,” says Frank Periera, the team’s user-experience designer and implementation expert.  

That’s easier said than done, of course. 

“Web design is oddly restrictive and that makes it hard to do anything that has impact,” says Robbie. “I’ve learned to rely on scale and color as my ‘go to’ ways to make an impact.” 

The bold colors and stunning imagery on Alamar’s website certainly made an impact. We are honored to have won the Web Excellence Award for our work on this biotech website. In 2021, we were recognized several times for our innovation in the field of digital marketing. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. 

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