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Biotech Startup Website Design Launch for a bioscience company in Silicon Valley.

Biotech Startup Website Design

Website Project Overview

Biotech startup website design involves industry experience. Insider knowledge helps guide early growth biotechs towards finding their digital brand. That’s exactly what Alamar Biosciences needed when they found the team at Ladybugz Interactive Agency. Our digital agency experts walked Alamar Biosciences through our creative agile process to bring their digital presence to life.

"The Ladybugz Interactive team was easy to work with and adhered to our strict timeline."

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Biotech Startup Website Design Challenge

Alamar Biosciences in Silicon Valley CA had several challenges when it came to building a new website. To start the biotech startup only had only a one page contact from website.  Next, they were about to announce their next series of funding to partners and investors. The company had not yet discovered its brand and voice.  The company required a partner who could help guide them through the branding, design, messaging and content.

A rushed logo design process, left the client unhappy with their font choices.

The company rushed through a logo design project with another vendor. Therefore, was not 100% happy with the font choices.  To help solidify font choices that would suit the business font expertise was necessary.  Overall, the company desired to have a polished, high-end brand that would attract future investors, partners and team members.

Lastly, the bioscience company had a four-week timeline/deadline it needed to hit. With that in mind, the company had to hire a company they could trust to get the job done in that time period.

After interviewing our digital agency and meeting the team, Alamar Biosciences decided to trust our Boston web design experts to partner with them to complete this important project.

"Their project management was excellent. The Ladybugz Interactive team was easy to work with and adhered to our strict timeline. Cost-wise, they were pretty competitive and stuck to the budget we set."

Biotech Startup Website Design Solution

Our team started with a kick-off discovery meeting to learn more about Alamar Biosciences and help them define their voice and digital strategy. Our team worked through font choices, images and photos to help bring the brand to life. The team presented Alamar Biosciences with some different design directions a more modern and sleek design vs. a traditional design.

The Alamar team chose a bold modern biotech homepage design to captivate its audiences and further explain its offerings. Throughout the process, our team offered worksheets to help the Alamar Biosciences team with content and the site’s SEO. With two-meetings a week, we were able to keep everyone on track and meet our tight deadline.

With a seamless launch, Alamar Biosciences went live and has since experiences a flurry of inbound leads and inquiries. Our team at Ladybugz Interactive continues to support Alamar Biosciences through their stealth mode growth period as their trusted digital agency partner.


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