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Boston biotech CRO gets a brand makeover.

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Website Project Overview

Biotech company website design is what our agency loves to do, day in and day out. Our agency specializes in web design projects for start-ups to mid-sized biotech organizations. As a result, we were hired by a Cambridge-based biotechnology contract research organization (CRO) to improve their branding and build a new website.

Their timeline and budget were perfect for what we were looking for and we loved their past work.

Biotech CRO Company Website Design Challenges:

The growing biotechnology organization offers support through all stages of preclinical research. This includes: assay, development, proof of principle and drug efficacy in animal models for human disease.

The contract research organization (CRO), was opening a second 10,000 SF location in Cambridge (next to the Quad). The biotech CRO was looking for a local web design agency to help them expand  digitally.  We were excited that they chose our website design agency.

The goal: to place Avastus at top of mind with early growth Boston biotechs seeking CRO, vivarium and outsourced services.

This contract research organization (CRO) had the following challenges it wanted to solve:

  • First, the website not using up-to-date web technology. As a result, it was hard to update and manage.
  • Lacked visual storytelling, custom photos and videos. Therefore, not reaching desired audiences.
  • Needed better search results in Google. In addition, weren’t tracking any search results.
  • Improved lead generation and the ability to scale and improve that process over time.
  • Updated branding assets to better state their value proposition in the preclinical services space.
  • Lacking a local digital agency, therefore, lack of understanding of the local landscape.
  • Lastly, they required a digital agency partner to provide ongoing digital marketing consulting to the Contract Research Organization (CRO).

We found Ladybugz Interactive through a Google Search, met the team and just really connected with them. We really liked the company’s structure and were at ease with their process. The deciding factor was we just loved and it felt like we were all part of the team, and in the end that is why we hired them.

Biotech CRO Website Design Solution:

  • As a result, we created a new modernized website which, most importantly, improves overall user-experience.
  • Designed a custom illustrated map into the website to better focus on the importance of location.
  • Set up new and improved analytics and lead generation tracking tools. As a result, the CRO will be able to better measure, improve and scale the lead generation process.
  • Created a visual storytelling custom photoshoot and video, implemented into the website.
  • Produced a video to explain organization’s value proposition. As a result the website better targets the right audience.
  • Most importantly, we continue to serve,  grow and support the new website.

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