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Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company designs new website to introduce next generation immunotherapies for hard-to-treat cancers.

Clinical-Stage Immunotherapy Biopharma Website Design

Website Project Overview

AvenCell is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their team of scientists and industry leaders are developing next generation immunotherapies that target hard-to-treat cancers. AvenCell approached our expert interactive agency for help enhancing the visual design and messaging of their current website to better reflect their innovative science and technology, the advancement of the company, and its future goals.

Website Design Challenges

AvenCell turned to our Ladybugz team to build a website that explained their science and technology in a clear and compelling way, but also could compete in the crowded biopharma space. They wanted a visually striking and unique website that included high design elements and hard-hitting messaging that communicated the innovation of their immunotherapies quickly and clearly. Their project timeline was set for 12 weeks. 

What Information is Needed to Design a Biopharma Website?

The clinical-stage biopharma company hoped to highlight their next generation immunotherapies, pipeline, and world-class boards and executive team throughout their new website through beautiful scientific imagery and poignant messaging.

It needed to stand both visually and through its content. A working whiteboard session with our team and AvenCell’s CEO led to the creation of an original piece of artwork that was hand painted by an AvenCell staff member. The watercolor that showed cells and their AvenCell technology in action is beautifully showcased in the hero space of their homepage, giving their overall website design a truly one of a kind look and feel. It is complimented by headlines and supporting content that quickly explains the science and innovation of their allogeneic and switchable technology that uses a patient’s own immune system to target cancer.  

Creating a Winning Website for a Biopharma Company

This Cambridge-based biopharma company needed a complete redesign of their website and enhanced messaging. Through clean, stunning imagery that combines both art and science and compelling content that both projects high-level messaging while also explaining their technology in detail, our expert team helped AvenCell elevate their website to stand out and reflect their innovation. 

Custom Biopharma Website Design from Concept to Completion

The AvenCell team wanted to communicate its differentiators and the benefits of its next generation immunotherapies that address the shortcomings of current T cell-based therapies with a new homepage headline and supporting copy. Our writers presented several new headlines and concepts that ranged in style and tone and the AvenCell team ultimately chose the option that articulated the benefits of their science and technology in a concise and compelling way. Our designers worked to incorporate this messaging throughout the website and the team was very pleased with the outcome.

Understanding the Nuances of Website Content & Design for a Biopharmaceutical Company

Once our designers and writers finished the redesigning and rewriting process, we worked with AvenCell to create their new website. Our designers incorporated other scientific imagery throughout the website to compliment the original watercolor artwork on the homepage. 

In addition to complete design, our digital agency also wrote copy for this new website. Our content team worked closely with the client to understand their history as a company, as well as the complex science and innovation of their therapies. We have worked with dozens of biotech and biopharma companies to write and edit web copy, and understand the needs and nuances of writing for this industry. We are able to take complex scientific language and make it easy to understand for a range of audiences in addition to making it optimized for the web.

Website Features Customized for Biopharma

The clinical-stage biopharma’s website not only highlights their groundbreaking work that is creating next generation immunotherapies for hard-to-treat cancers, but also their experienced team of scientists and innovators. Each page of their site highlights their expertise through:

  • Graphics and imagery showcasing AvenCell’s next generation T cell-based therapies 
  • Dedicated science page that explains their proprietary platforms and the science behind their innovation
  • About page that details their team’s decades of experience as well as their boards and leadership expertise in the industry

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