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An early growth genomics company required a new look and feel to continue to attract new customers and talent to its expanding business.  With various personas to attract, the Fulcrum Genomics team was looking to wow its potential audiences with some unique, modern website design. It took some creative thinking to tackle the challenge, but the resulting website is exactly what the client needed to meet its goals.





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Growing Genomics Firm Needs a New Friendly Website to Attract Talent

Fulcrum Genomics is a bioinformatics (bioscience and data engineering) company that helps biotechs crunch huge amounts of data to gain insights for breakthrough therapeutics. Since next-gen sequencing, scientists need to process massive amounts of data, but they lack the skills and need very specialized experts to help them measure and observe data. The demand for bioinformatics experts is high, but there are few who are qualified and experienced. Because of that Fulcrum Genomics is extremely busy and growing rapidly. Fulcrum Genomics stands out in the bioinformatics industry. This small growing firm has quickly gained notoriety for servicing biopharma, large and small across the country. The bioinformatics firm was looking to target its key audiences by defining personas and building a site to speak to their needs. 

Fulcrum Genomics would require a unique approach that could combine creativity, science and technology into a modern website. The challenge for our website team would be to come up with a creative solution to make Fulcrum Genomics stand out among its competitors.


Genomics Website Redesign Includes Friendly User-Content and Impressive Animation and Design

The biotech marketing experts on our team first had to learn more about the client. We began with an in-depth discovery of the company, its team, clients, expertise and goals. Part of the process was to define the audience personas and build out a design with content to speak to them. 

The process to the project would require an agile approach. The creative lead on the project presented various modern designs and functionalities to make the project stand out. The client chose a genomics-themed modern design that integrated some really “cool” effects.

An Agile Process to Help Guide Client’s Success on the Project

We guided the client through an agile process that included simultaneously working on page designs, content and development in sprints. The team guided the client with messaging, and content using Ladybugz’ unique discovery “mapping” process. This process allowed the client to create the right content to speak to its audiences along with fit and meet the needs of the modern design and special effects they desired. 

The case studies were created in a unique format, focusing on the client’s quick wins and successes. The goal was for the reader to gain the most important facts without having to read through a long written case study.

Subtle Website Animation for an Impressive User-Experience

The moving special effects on the website give it a clean, modern feel along with add to the “cool factor” of what Fulcrum Genomics offers. 

Showcasing science in a “cool” format is always a challenge but this modern design was a win for the client. Visit Fulcrum Genomics and experience it for yourself.

This year, Ladybugz Interactive was awarded the 2022 Web Marketing Association’s annual Standard of Excellence Award in the biotech website design category for our work on the Fulcrum Genomics website.



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