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Ophthalmological Biopharma Company Redesigns Website to Showcase Groundbreaking Therapies

Public Biopharma Website Design

Website Project Overview

This publicly-traded biopharma company based in Leuven, Belgium, and with corporate offices in Boston, needed a new website to showcase their groundbreaking work in ophthalmology developing new therapies to treat diabetic macular edema. They wanted their new site to be educational and informative, but also easy to navigate and aesthetically exciting. Our digital agency worked with Oxurion to create a new website that met these requirements and complied with regulations governing publicly traded companies.

Public Biopharma Website Redesign Challenge

Oxurion came to our digital agency looking to rebrand and redesign their website. The company is developing an innovative approach to a very common disease, and wanted a vibrant look to set them apart from competitors. This new biopharma website had to convey competency to investors and clinicians and an exciting opportunity to all audiences.  Additionally, this website needed to offer hope to prospective patients and caregivers impacted by certain eye diseases. 

Oxurion is a publicly traded company in Europe, which meant this website had to follow certain regulations. The new site needed to have an investor relations subdomain that matched the look of the rest of the pages.

Public Biopharma Website Redesign Solution

Our digital agency worked closely with the Oxurion team to identify new colors for their brand and website. This biotech website project was particularly exciting because the client was open to adventurous color and design choices. The homepage draws in viewers with large, vibrant images. Right away, it is easy for investors, clinicians, potential employees, and prospective patients to navigate to the appropriate section for their needs. 

Additionally, there are strict rules that publicly traded companies in Europe need to follow when creating a website. Because of this, our developer collaborated with a third party company to create an investor relations subdomain in compliance with European regulations. This process was lengthy and complex, but no problem for our digital agency that has worked with international clients in the past.

One of the main highlights of this site is a custom system that our developers created to filter Oxurion’s extensive catalog of publications and presentations. Site users can refine their search by preclinical versus clinical publications, as well as file format.

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