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Biotech startup in Berkeley CA gets a new website to showcase it's CAR-T technology product.

Biotech Startup Website Design

Website Project Overview

This Berkeley-based biotech startup website design needed showcase and raise awareness of Nanotein’s groundbreaking CAR-T expansion technology. Within a short timeframe, we were able to work with Nanotein Technologies to create a website that was polished and advanced enough to highlight their cutting edge work specifically with their target audience in mind.

Biotech Startup Website Design Challenge

Nanotein Technologies a Berkeley CA gene therapy startup needed a digital agency with expertise in the field of biotech to create a custom website to showcase their CAR-T expansion technology. The website required completion before an upcoming biotech conference. This required an accelerated timeline for the project. 

This custom WordPress site needed to both inform peer scientists about Nanotein’s work.  Another requirement included an easy way for scientists to request a free sample of this CAR-T expansion reagent. The nature of Nanotein’s work is incredibly complex. The company needed to convey the message in an eye-catching and concise manner. Lastly, the imagery need to allude to the nature of the cell therapy research company’s work. The team wanted to do with simple imagery and no rely on complex graphs and charts

Berkeley Biotech Website Design Solution

Having worked with several biotech start-up companies before, our digital agency knew exactly how to communicate Nanotein’s intricate work in a succinct manner to attract peer scientists. Our designer and writer worked hand-in-hand with the client to try to understand not only Nanotein’s technology, but their voice and goals for their website during our agile discovery process. Additionally, we worked to capture who Nanotein’s target audiences are and what those viewers look for in a website. 

The homepage opens with a dynamic, abstract scientific animation that draws readers to a brief blurb about Nanotein. Then there is an immediate call to action to request a free test kit of Nanotein’s CAR-T expansion reagent. The feedback Nanotein receives from peers will allow them to improve and expand their technology, and is crucial for the future of their work. We were very deliberate about including a call to action in several places throughout the site where potential users could easily request this free test kit.

After briefly outlining Nanotein’s technology on the homepage, our design and writing teams were able to elaborate on the “science” page. We created custom graphics based on Nanotein’s work. These are detailed enough to illustrate the science behind Nanotein’s technology, but clean and aesthetically pleasing to keep viewers engaged. Our writing team included informative but brief excerpts to elaborate on the imagery. Our design team also created a dynamic illustration that moves as viewers scroll, guiding them to keep learning more throughout the website. 

Our team was able to create this stunning and informative custom WordPress website for Nanotein in time for their biotech conference. Thanks to our agile discovery process, we were able to cater this site to Nanotein’s current needs, and make it easily adaptable to meet their future goals.  

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