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Biotechnology website design is crucial to attract both investors and talent. It can be difficult enough to stand out from the crowd in such a growing field. But what if you can’t even share details of what you’re working on? When Cugene, Inc. found themselves in that position a year and a half ago, our digital agency was there to help. 





Rebranding and Website Redesign

Massachusetts Biotechnology Company Requires a New Brand and Website

Cugene already had a website and a logo when they connected with our agency. As the biopharma transitioned from a preclinical to a clinical biotechnology company, they needed their branding and revamped website to attract investors and talent alike. 

Shifting from preclinical to clinical is a crucial milestone for a company like Cugene. It means that they are able to start testing their work on mice, and then eventually people. Funding is everything during this period, and the website had to be perfect to attract investors. 

A website challenge for an evolving biotech

With such high stakes, it was often difficult to commit to decisions about the new site. Would this design truly represent their company values? Was it visually arresting enough to capture the attention of an investor who had seen dozens of other biotech sites that day? 

During this delicate transition period, there were many aspects of their work Cugene couldn’t share with the public yet. So how do you ask someone to invest in your company without sharing details? 

"Workflow and communication was strong. As a client we were slow to make decisions and the LadyBugz team was patient yet persuasive."
Cugene Inc.

A New Logo and Clean Modern Design to Meet an Evolving Biotech's Current and Future Vision

Biotechnology Website Design + Rebranding Solution

A highly experienced designer in biopharma guided the team at Cugene through our agile discovery process. Having worked in design for more than 30 years, the team knew the right questions to ask to understand who Cugene is as a company and what message they needed to send with their website.

The biotechnology company’s branding needed to be up-leveled and improved.  This new design would be implemented into a new website and provide a professional look to attract new investors and talent.

Cugene was incredibly thorough during this decision process helping move the process successfully. A project success lead was assigned to the client and was with the team every step of the way. We ensured that the site met the standards of this high-end biopharma company while still keeping in mind their funding deadlines. 

High-end aesthetics to meet a client’s vision

Our creatives worked closely with the team at Cugene to create their vision. Throughout this process, we learned their visual vocabulary and used imagery to tell Cugene’s story when words could not. We were able to design elements of the site that would signal to investors what the work was about without saying as much. 

Cugene wanted a high-end aesthetic for their website to match the sophistication of their work. Our designers used stunning scientific imagery to capture the attention of viewers. The site immediately draws visitors to learn more about the company, careers, and investment opportunities. 

The team at Cugene described the result as a “dramatic improvement” in their company image. 

Ladybugz Interactive has a history of bolstering early-growth biotech companies and supporting them through the transition out of stealth mode. Learn more about what our digital agency can do for your biotech company. 

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