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This Waltham, Massachusetts bioinformatics company specializes in scientific data management and computing optimization. Paradigm4 offers custom, scalable solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and beyond. Our digital marketing agency helped the growing biotech overhaul the design and messaging of their existing website.





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Paradigm4 Website Redesign Comes with Challenges

Paradigm4 contacted our biotech digital marketing agency to address three main aspects of their current website: aesthetic, messaging, and search engine optimization. Their existing website lacked structure, and they did not feel that it attracted clients or highlighted their value proposition sufficiently.

The services they provide to their clients are complex, yet critical. The Waltham MA-based company needed a website with a clear, concise description of their expertise, as well as improved search engine results to attract clients within their niche. They also wanted this new website to have a more polished, professional look than their existing site.

The work they do is heavily inspired by Steve Jobs’s motto, “Think different.” They are unique within their field and wanted a website that felt just as distinct.

Lastly, they needed their new website to be able to scale with their growing company. Their existing website was difficult to maintain and update – a critical issue for a company in an ever-changing field.


New Messaging and Sleek Website for a Modern Bioinformatics Company

Our web design and agency specializes in websites for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, two of Paradigm4’s core client bases. This expertise allowed us to guide Paradigm4 through some of the essential needs of their website from a design perspective, as well as a content and search engine optimization perspective.

The nature of Paradigm4’s work is difficult to present visually. They work with vast datasets and offer a wide array of bioinformatics solutions. One of Paradigm4’s overarching goals for their new website was to present all of their bioinformatics solutions on one page for clients who may need to utilize multiple offerings.

A dedicated agile designer and website design project team

The team’s lead UI/UX designer worked closely with the client to integrate a variety of design elements into the site to convey large amounts of information as concisely as possible.  The designer created custom graphics and tables for Paradigm4 to highlight their solutions and services. Additionally, he utilized design elements such as videos, tab systems, and anchor links in order to present a large amount of content on a page without it feeling overwhelming

Creating enticing website content to speak science

Paradigm4 chose to write its own website content but worked closely with the agency’s content manager to hone its message both for its target audience and for search engine optimization purposes.

The team content manager worked closely with Paradigm4 for weeks and conducted industry research to craft a message that would convey their expertise, but remain easy for potential clients to understand. She also worked closely with executives on the Paradigm4 team to improve their search engine optimization results.

Our agile process allowed our designer, content manager, and client to work closely together to iterate the new website to perfection. The result is a website that conveys an enormous amount of complex information clearly, concisely, and beautifully.

Learn more about what our biotech website design and digital marketing agency can do for your bioinformatics company.

Alison Sullivan Biotech Website Content Manager
“This client’s content required a lot of really niche, industry-specific language due to the nature of their work,” says our content manager. “It was a unique challenge to incorporate this inherently complex copy, optimize their search engine results, and create a clear message for their potential clients!”
Alison Sullivan
Biotech Content Writer

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