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SanaHeal is a pre-clinical biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their team of scientists and engineers are developing a next generation bioadhesive technology that is biocompatible and can be applied to wet, contaminated, and uneven surfaces in diverse form factors to control bleeding.





Website, messaging and photography

Biotech Startup Needs a Website to Showcase New Bioadhesive Technology

SanaHeal approached our expert interactive agency for help enhancing the visual design and messaging of their current website to better present their technology, the growth of the company, and its future goals to the marketplace.

SanaHeal looked to our experienced biotech marketing team to build a website that could explain the inspiration behind their innovation and technology in a clear and compelling way, but could also introduce it effectively to a crowded biotech space. They wanted a clean and modern website that felt inviting, and visually appealing, and would draw visitors deeper into their website beyond their homepage. Their project timeline was 12 weeks.

The Cambridge-based pre-clinical biotech company hoped to highlight its next-generation bioadhesive technology, the industries they are targeting, and its extraordinary team throughout its new website. To achieve this, they needed a complete redesign of their website and enhanced messaging. 

All deliverables were successfully achieved on time. The LadyBugz team was highly responsive and kept us updated on the details throughout the project progress.

Creating a Winning Website for a Biotechnology Startup

A Custom Biotech Website Redesign

The Ladybugz expert team of writers got to work crafting language that would communicate the inspiration behind their innovation and the benefits of their technology with attention-grabbing homepage headlines and supporting copy. Our writers presented several new headlines and concepts that ranged in style and tone, and the SanaHeal team ultimately chose the option that clearly and concisely explained their inspiration and technology. Our designers worked to incorporate this messaging throughout the website, and the team was very pleased with the outcome.

Our expert designers brought SanaHeal’s clean and modern design vision to life by incorporating distinctive shapes, patterns, custom photography, and design elements. The Ladybugz team explored their existing palette of branding colors and suggested visual extensions that would help elevate their new biotech website. It was clear very early on in the process that the SanaHeal team would benefit from professional, custom photography, so the team enlisted the help of resident Ladybugz photographer to take onsite photos. 

Custom Biotech Photography

Ladybugz photographer visited SanaHeal’s unique and beautiful space in Cambridge to take custom photography of their lab and office space, in addition to professional headshots for all team members. The custom photography of their team, space, and their products in the lab significantly elevated the look and feel of the entire website and made it authentic to SanaHeal.

With their new custom photography, unique shapes, patterns, and colors of their clean and modern design, and compelling content, our expert team helped create a winning biotech website that the SanaHeal team had envisioned.

Understanding the Nuances of Website Content & Design for a Biotechnology Startup

Once our designers and writers finished the redesigning and rewriting process, we worked with SanaHeal to create their new website. Our designers incorporated other scientific imagery throughout the website to complement the custom photography taken at their workspace.

In addition to completing the design, our digital agency guided, edited, and wrote new copy for this website. Our content team worked closely with the client to understand their history as a company, as well as the complex science and innovation of their technology. We have worked with dozens of biotech and biopharma companies to write and edit website copy and understand the needs and nuances of writing for this industry. We are able to take complex scientific language and make it easy to understand for a range of audiences in addition to making it optimized for the web. We’ve also worked with dozens of biotech and biopharma companies to redesign and rebrand their website based on industry trends specific to their marketplace. 


Website Features Customized for Biotech

The pre-clinical biotech’s website not only highlights their groundbreaking bioadhesive technology but also their experienced team of scientists and engineers. Their site highlights their expertise through:

  • graphics and imagery showcasing SanaHeal’s next-generation bioadhesive technology and its diverse form factors.
  • a robust technology page that explains their platforms and the inspiration behind their innovation.
  • an about page that details their team’s decades of experience within their industry.

Learn more about what our award-winning Boston-based website design agency can do for your biotechnology company.

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