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Preclinical biopharma company in Laguna Hills, CA gets a new brand, pitch deck and website

Biopharma Website Design

Website Project Overview

This preclinical biopharma company based in Laguna Hills, CA, needed an updated website to highlight their work as pioneers in immunologic discovery and development. Though they already had an existing website, it did not reflect their level of sophistication or innovation. As part of a larger integrated marketing plan, our digital agency redesigned Amberstone’s website to be as modern and unique as the company itself. 

Biopharma Website Redesign Challenge 

When Amberstone came to our digital agency to redesign their biopharma website, they felt that their current site didn’t highlight its value in the field of single-cell technology. They needed content that could simultaneously speak to investors, peers in the pharmaceutical industry, prospective employees, and patients alike. 

They are one of the few biopharma companies focused on a new, safer approach to immunologic discovery and development and needed a way to message that. How do you simultaneously communicate with investors looking for a high ROI and patients who want to understand potential therapies for themselves or a loved one?


Biopharma Website Redesign Solution 

Our digital agency has expertise in marketing biopharma companies of all types and sizes. Our team of writers, designers, developers, and SEO specialists collaborated with Amberstone to create a modern and sleek website that caters to their target audiences. The Amberstone team was very enthusiastic about this project and contributed a lot to its success. 

The homepage lets viewers know that Amberstone is a pioneer in its field, using bold designs and strong wording. Visitors can read about Amberstone’s work in a language that is informative and accessible, regardless of background. For investors or scientific peers, the “science” page of Amberstone’s website shares more details of their current research. On this page, there is also a call to action button to collaborate with Amberstone. 

Lastly, prospective employees can quickly learn more about the benefits of working for Amberstone on their “careers” page. Using dynamic graphics, we illustrate the perks and work/life balance at Amberstone before prompting people to apply for a job. 

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