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Fast Growing Biotech Accounting Firm Redesigns to Reflect New Company Values

Biotech Accounting Website Design

Website Project Overview

This Cambridge-based firm specializes in accounting for startup life sciences/biotech companies. Biotech is a rapidly growing industry. Therefore, this accounting firm needed a website that allows them to quickly recruit quality candidates from across the field. Our digital agency helped them rewrite and redesign their website to highlight their unique value proposition and attract potential employees and clients.

Biotech Accounting Firm Website Redesign Challenge 

Browne Consulting Group needed a digital agency to re-message and redesign their biotech accounting website. The fast growing company required a sophisticated site, and to reflect their value to potential employees and clients. 

The biotech accounting industry is infamous for long hours and minimal work-life balance. Browne Consulting Group, however, prides itself on being an outlier. Many of Browne’s employees had stories to share about regaining their personal lives after joining the company. This biotech accounting website had to demonstrate increased flexibility and balance for employees. But it also had to assure potential clients that Browne can still meet and exceed their expectations. The design and the content had to speak to people in the finance and biotech industries simultaneously.

Biotech Accounting Firm Website Redesign Solution

The primary function of Browne Consulting Group’s new website was to recruit new employees to their rapidly growing accounting firm. They boast a healthier work-life balance than their competitors. In fact, many of their employees switched to Browne Consulting Group to regain flexibility in their lives. To demonstrate this without coming across as insincere, we let the employees speak for themselves.

Our copywriting team conducted interviews with some of Browne’s employees to understand the unique company culture. We created a series of profiles where these employees could share their experiences and speak directly to job seekers looking at the site. These personal anecdotes are juxtaposed with concrete solutions Browne has found to provide employees with more balance.

With so much information about balance for employees, though, it was a unique challenge to communicate that Browne Consulting Group still manages to provide excellent work for their clients. We worked closely with their CEO and head of human resources to understand exactly how Browne is able to go above and beyond for employees and clients in ways their competitors seemingly cannot. Again, we let their work speak for itself. The team found creative ways to translate their intricate accounting accomplishments into visually appealing stories across their website. 

A New Website that Speaks to Users

We needed to create a modern website that speaks to people in both finance and life sciences. To do so, our design team had to understand the nuances and trends of both industries. Our designers have created dozens of websites for life sciences and biotech companies. Accounting was a new challenge, though. Biotech websites tend to be bold and innovative Life sciences accounting websites, on the other hand, err towards refined professionalism. The result is a biotech accounting website that perfectly combines these drastically different aesthetics. The site is designed with the muted color palette typical of an accounting company. Each page, however, has subtle nods to biotech with custom, interactive scientific designs that move as you scroll through the content. 

We collaborate closely with our clients to truly understand their marketing and communication needs, and to design websites that accurately capture their voice and speak to their target audience. Learn more about what our digital agency can do for you. 

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