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Coya Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company in Houston, Texas. They develop Treg therapies for neurodegenerative, autoimmune, and metabolic diseases. In anticipation of their pending IPO, this biopharma company reached out to our digital agency for a new website and messaging. Ladybugz has helped dozens of biotech companies redesign and create content for their websites.





Website Design, Messaging

Clinical-Stage Biopharma Website Design Challenges

The Coya Therapeutics board is made up of pioneers in the field of Treg therapies. They needed a new website to highlight their innovative development programs. This required a designated page to exhibit their work, as well as a way to showcase their pipeline. 

Additionally, Coya needed a section of its website dedicated to patient resources. The client required custom content and designs for this new website, as well as assistance with search engine optimization. 

This new website needed to speak to the clients’ peers in the industry, potential investors, and patients alike.


Creating a Website for a Clinical-Stage Biopharma Before IPO

Before creating a new website for Coya Therapeutics, our digital agency worked with them to outline a creative strategy. This entailed learning about the clients’ work in the field of therapeutics, and which elements of their science and their team they needed to showcase on this new site. Our designers and content creators have worked with several biopharmaceutical companies in the past, and have a trusted process for helping clients realize their vision. 

Designing and Creating Content for a Biopharmaceutical Company

The highlight of Coya Therapeutics’ new website is a designated science and technology page. This page outlines the functionality of Tregs, which were discovered by a member of the Coya Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board. Our writers and designers wrote and designed the content for this page by working closely with the Coya team, who were thoroughly involved in the completion of this site. Our designers created custom animated graphics for use throughout the site, and incorporated elements of the clients’ pitch deck where appropriate. 

Having worked with a wide variety of biopharma companies in the past, our writers were able to adapt Coya Therapeutics’ more complicated language for a broad audience. As Coya’s new website features a designated page for patient resources, this site needed to speak to scientists and non-scientists alike. In addition to web copy, our writers assisted the client with search engine optimization, which is critical for allowing people to find Coya easily when searching the web for therapeutics companies. 

Custom Features for a Biopharma Client’s New Website

Coya Therapeutics is a pioneer in the field of Treg therapies for neurocognitive, autoimmune, and metabolic disorders. Now, their website reflects their level of expertise through: 

  • Interactive pipeline highlighting their development programs
  • Science & Technology page that showcases their work, as well as their board members’ contributions to the field
  • Page dedicated to patient resources, including information about getting involved in clinical trials
  • Blog posts that keep site visitors up-to-date on Coya Therapeutics’ latest developments 

Learn more about what our award-winning digital marketing agency can do for your clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.


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