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This clinical-stage biopharma company in North Carolina is revolutionizing the therapeutics landscape for patients with neurological disorders, including epilepsy. They are in Phase 2 of clinical trials for their lead drug candidate, NPT 2042. Although they have been working on their research for decades, NeuroPro was just coming out of stealth mode and did not have an existing website. They approached our digital agency to help establish their brand identity, and design, message, and optimize their new website for high search engine results.





Brand, Logo, Website Design

North Carolina Biopharma Company Needs a New Logo & Website 

NeuroPro reached out to our digital agency to help them create their brand identity, website design, and brand messaging. As they were just coming out of stealth mode, they needed to establish how to portray their core values, mission, expertise, and offerings through the elements of their branding.

Additionally, they needed to incorporate the elements of their newly designed biotech branding into a website. NeuroPro offers a completely novel approach to therapeutics for neurological disorders and wanted its website to reflect its unique value proposition. They did not want to include design elements that are traditionally found on biotech and pharmaceutical websites, such as smiling patients and doctors.

Finally, NeuroPro needed to convey the decades of industry expertise that their team holds, despite the fact that they are a relatively new company.


Relevant color palette and new logo make for an interesting unique new website

North Carolina Biopharma gets new brand colors and logo

Before we could create a website for this North Carolina biopharma company, our digital agency worked with them to establish their brand identity. The first and most critical step in this agile process is always getting to know the client and their company on a deeper level. With a full understanding of who makes up the NeuroPro team, their mission, motivations, and goals, our UI/UX designer began to craft their new logo.

The founder of NeuroPro has always been inspired by the look of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings and wanted to incorporate that look into their brand identity. Although NeuroPro’s work is clinical in nature, he wanted to maintain an organic aesthetic that conjured feelings of scientific discovery.

Our UI/UX designer presented the client with a wide range of options for their new logo and guided them through the process of iterating the font, brand colors, and intricate details. The result is a biotech logo that is clean and easy to read but still maintains the client’s target aesthetic.


Scrolling Image for NeuroPro Therapeutics Website Design

New branding and logo set the stage for a beautiful, unique website design

Carrying this organic/scientific aesthetic over to NeuroPro’s new website, our designer and developer worked together to create hand-drawn neurons that animate down the homepage as users scroll. The site utilizes a color palette that is not traditionally found on biotech websites but maintains a sense of pharmaceutical expertise. In lieu of photos with smiling patients and doctors, our designer incorporated graphics of neurons and other scientific imagery site-wide.

Biopharma Website Design North Carolina Feature Image

While the design of the website conveys the decades of expertise in biopharma that NeuroPro’s team holds, they needed to find a way to tell that story to multiple audiences as well. The NeuroPro team needed to share information about their clinical trials with patients and providers, their groundbreaking work with scientists and investors, and their unique backstory to everyone visiting the site.

Our content team has helped dozens of biotech companies craft their messaging, and specializes in adapting content for a variety of audiences.

This North Carolina biopharma company’s new website is a stunning combination of organic, hand-drawn imagery and scientific expertise. Their incredible story comes alive on the page and speaks directly to patients, providers, scientists, and investors.

“Ready to come out of stealth mode, NeuroPro came to us in need of a new logo and brand identity as well as a new website. Starting from a blank slate, we delivered a modern logo and original site that leveraged simplicity and unique visuals to educate providers and draw in new investments.”
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