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Biotech Website Design in San Francisco, CA for Ionic Biomedical

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Website Project Overview

Ionic Biomedical is focused on developing therapies for retinal disorders like Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) to prevent permanent blindness. The California based company was looking for a partner for a biotech website design in San Francisco. The biotech’s goal with the project was to showcase developing research, therapies around retinal disorders and attract new investors. After meeting with Ionic Biomedical we were able to create a plan for them. The goal, to build the perfect website that could help showcase their work in the retinal disorders biotechnology field. 

Biotech Website Challenges:

  • No current website to represent the newly formed biotech start-up in San Francisco.
  • Required a showcase website to highlight technologies around the science.
  • The new website’s appearance had to be sleek and modern to attract new investors.
  • Moreover, the scope had to be close to exact to quote.
  • This project had a limited budget and resources.
  • Lastly, timeline for the project was just a few weeks, therefore it was difficult to find a web vendor.

Biotech Website Solutions:

  • Firstly, the company was looking for a biotech website design in San Francisco, but chose our Boston-based agency.
  • Secondly, we designed a beautiful new website on a WordPress CMS (Content Management System).
  • We were able to work in Pacific time zone and communicate with the team effectively and efficiently.
  • Created a sleek and modern website to address the needs and requirements of the biotech client.
  • Highlights the science and future growth that is attractive to researchers and investors.
  • Met the biotech web project’s needs and timeline within the project’s estimated budget.
  • As a result, we continue to engage with the biotech client to grow and maintain the current website.

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