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This San Francisco biotech company is revolutionizing the way that we understand Cellular Language. Their technology, which harnesses the power of AI/ML, has the potential to scale drug discovery and development exponentially. The founders of Soley Therapeutics have been working on this technology for decades, but founded their company only recently. They contacted our digital agency to create a new website to highlight their impressive growing pipeline and the incredible science behind it.





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San Francisco Biotech Startup Launches New Brand + Website

San Francisco startup needs a fresh brand, logo, website, and messaging to outshine in a crowded marketplace

Soley Therapeutics initially hired our digital agency to design their new biotech website. The founders were very involved in the process and wanted a bold, eye-catching design that would stand out from peers in the industry.

The Soley Therapeutics team had a few specific goals for their new website but was very open to the guidance of our seasoned design team. They wanted an interactive timeline to showcase the decades-long research process that preceded the founding of their company. Additionally, they wanted to present their platform and science in a beautiful yet informative way that didn’t look like a mirror of their pitch deck.

The Soley Therapeutics team initially decided to write their own content for their new biotech website. They did, however, eventually bring on a biotech messaging expert from the agency so that they could continue to focus on revolutionizing drug discovery.

Flexible work style, creative culture and individualism, ability to buy into our culture and get excited about our project, professionalism.
Soley Therapeutics

New branding and website shines light onto a new company

The Soley Therapeutics founder knew that he wanted a stunning website design that completely stood out from competitors. He had seen our digital agency’s extensive portfolio of biotech websites and trusted our lead UI/UX designer to guide his team through our agile process.

The name “Soley” is a play on the French word for sun (soleil), as reflected in the Soley Therapeutics logo. The Soley founders feel that their technology “sheds light” on Cellular Language, and wanted to carry the sunlight theme throughout the site.

Our designer used different design techniques to incorporate both the Soley logo, which looks like the rays of the sun, as well as subtle beams of light on particularly important aspects of the site.

The hallmark of this new biotech website is on the homepage. Our designer created a sun-like image using the Soley Therapeutics logo and incorporated a cell in the center. Our developer was then able to animate this design, creating a jaw-dropping first impression for site visitors.

Part of the way through our agile design process, the Soley Therapeutics team decided to bring on our content manager to help write their website copy. They have such an impressive backstory that spans decades, and they needed to condense it into something readable for the web without losing any crucial details.

Our content manager assisted them in telling this story through a combination of their interactive timeline and narrative form. Additionally, she worked closely with the founder to translate some of their complex scientific materials into a cohesive presentation of their platform and science.

Lastly, Soley Therapeutics’ wanted their content to focus on certain aspects of their impressive growing pipeline, while leaving room to expand on their rapidly developing future technology. They worked closely with our content manager to establish that balance. The custom WordPress website that our digital agency created for them allows for easy editing as they continue to expand their platform. Learn more about what our digital agency can do for your biotech company.

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Soley challenged us to create a new brand identity and website that communicated their technology and differentiated them visually from their competition,” said our designer. “The result was a clean, modern UI, brought to life through the use of video and subtle animations.”
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