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Introducing your startup to the world with an original biotech logo design

Biotech Website Design

Design your biotech’s logo and brand before tackling your pitch deck, and digital presence.

A biotech logo design needs to match the breakthrough science and technology a startup has created. Entering a crowded biotech marketplace as an emerging start-up in biotech can feel intimidating. Creating trust and credibility is key, and from a branding perspective, it all starts with a highly original logo design that speaks to your biotech company’s vision.

More often than not, the start-up biotech companies that approach a digital agency for help are ready to build or redesign their website. In many cases what is realized early on is that their logo design and branding is missing the mark.

It is important to think about the biotech’s brand and logo design first and foremost. It’s hard to change that once it has been established. Experience in branding and website design, tells us that. In many cases, where this has already been established, it can’t be redesigned, although many times it can evolve. But again, another reason to address the brand and logo before anything else.

A second issue with not being able to redesign a logo for a biotech once one has been established is that it can hold back an innovative web site design and vision. Another reason to think about your biotech’s logo design first.

As a start-up biotech company looking to gain traction and funding, your biotech logo design can’t look like it was pieced together from an online marketplace, or designed by a company founder.

A professional, original logo design for your biotech that is unique to you will help to successfully introduce your company to the world. Your biotech logo design is the face of your company, and the first impression you make is important.

Timing is everything when designing your biotech’s logo

The perfect time for your rebrand is right before your new biotech website design is created. This gives your web designer the ability to extend your branding throughout your new biotech website to create an even more engaging online presence.

Creating your biotech logo design alongside your new biotech website prevents your company from falling into the common trap of investing time and energy into a logo design that you are locked into before your website is created. Building these critical components together allows for fluidity and alignment of your brand and website that are important to your success.

Here are 4 reasons why you need professional biotech logo design for your startup or emerging scientific company

1. A biotech logo design for your startup or company launch to stand out in the crowd.

Showing the world what makes your biotech company unique through your logo design and brand is the best way to get noticed.

What makes your biotech’s science different? How does your innovation solve problems? How will your biotech company help people?

Biotech companies are quickly learning that it takes a brand and biotech logo design that is truly original and a bit outside the box to stand out in a saturated market.

OrsoBio a startup biotech in Silicon Valley, California, needed a simple yet bold brand they could really get behind. They wanted to showcase the inspiration behind their name Orso, which means bear in Italian. Our expert team of designers created a custom biotech logo design that featured a unique bear and flame graphic.

The deep reds and purples created a warm brand color palette that aimed to visually represent metabolic disorders. Their new biotech logo design and palette were carried throughout their new biotech website to reinforce their simple, bold brand and help them get noticed.

Logo Design for a Silicon Valley Biotech

2. Attract attention with bright colors and contrast.

More biotech companies are embracing bright colors and contrast to draw attention in a once drab biotech space.

For many years, biotech websites followed suit to what the majority of biotech companies were doing when it came to branding and biotech logo design. Very traditional, muted colors that were once commonplace are now a thing of the past, as more biotech companies are realizing the power and intrigue of a bright color palette.

NeuroPro Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company actively developing proprietary compounds to treat neurologic diseases, including epilepsy. The company approached our digital agency for a new website design to launch the company.  Soon into the project, the biotech startup realized their branding and biotech logo design needed a lift, too. NeuroPro wanted their design to visually illustrate brain synapses and neurons firing, so the client gave our team sketches of neurons, which greatly inspired the creative process. The color scheme was developed with epilepsy in mind and featured big, bright colors and contrast to capture attention and create visual intrigue. Their biotech company develops innovative tools for brain science research and wanted the look and feel of their website and brand to mirror that innovation.

Logo Design for a North Carolina Biotech

3. A professionally designed biotech logo helps build trust and credibility

Your brand is the face of your biotech company so it needs to feel professional and modern to build trust and credibility.

Your brand is your first impression with a visitor or potential future partner and investor. It’s important to make that impression a positive one. Your brand and biotech logo design needs to feel professional and modern to create the legitimacy you need to enter the market successfully and attract potential new investors and partners.

San Francisco-based biotech startup, Solely Therapeutics needed a refresh of its existing biotech logo design and font type to elevate its appearance. With some simple, but powerful adjustments to their existing mark and font, Solely’s brand transformed into a professional and modern look they wanted and needed to get to the next level.

The new logo design inspired the website’s new design, which includes some light animation, and an original color palette. In the end, Solely stands out from the crowd.

Logo Design for Bay Area Biotech

4. Simple typography can go a long way. Sometimes less truly is more to help create a splash in the market.

A simple biotech logo design that focuses on clean typography treatments can be a compelling way to be impactful with your brand. Paired with bright, vibrant scientific imagery, you’ve got yourself a balanced and clean look that is inviting and intriguing for visitors.

Cugene, a Boston-based, clinical-stage biotech company creates next-generation immunology and oncology medicines. Cugene wasn’t exactly sure what they wanted or envisioned for their brand. Together, with the Ladybugz expert team of designers, they embarked on an iterative and collaborative journey that was free-flowing and blue sky. The team ultimately landed on a typography biotech logo design that incorporated some graphical elements and a bright orange accent color. Paired with crisp and vibrant scientific imagery, the biotech logo design elevated Cugene’s brand to exactly where it needed to be.

Logo Design for a Biotech Company in Boston

Standout in a Crowd and Gain Credibility with A Professional Biotech Logo Design and New Biotech Website

An original, professional biotech logo design is an absolute must for your start-up biotech company. And the best time to rebrand is right before your new biotech website design is created. To discuss how our creative digital agency can help you reach your goals with a biotech company rebrand.

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Need some help with biotech branding and logo design?

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Design your biotech's logo and brand before tackling your pitch deck, and digital presence. A biotech logo design needs to match the breakthrough science and technology a startup has created....

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