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Dark-color website schemes: Six dark mode web design examples that stand out in 2024 

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Can a dark website color scheme help differentiate and modernize your biotech company’s brand and message in 2024? Facing a churning sea of competition, a biotech company needs a stand-out website that reflects its cutting-edge science and spirit of innovation. No matter what stage of growth the company is in, the key objective is to draw the target audiences into the world of exciting discoveries. 

From genomics and biotech, AI and ML (machine learning) to therapeutics, forward-looking bioscience companies are grabbing hold of dark website color schemes to create futuristic web designs that appeal to investors, partners, and customers alike.

Is a Dark Color Website Scheme Right for Your Biotech Company?

Dark color schemes aren’t a good fit for every company, but they are worth your consideration. It takes expert design chops to pull it off, but a smartly done dark website theme can do all this:

  • Emphasize visual content and provide pop for websites, especially high-contrast images, graphics, video, and other media.
  • Enhance emotional response when a biotech company wants its brand to align with a sense of mystery, power, and drama—as well as luxury, sophistication, and elegance. 
  • Reduce eye strain and improve accessibility for those with light sensitivity or visual impairment. 
  • Provide technical benefits due to lower battery usage, favorability to low-light settings, reduced blue light for better sleep, and stress reduction.

On the flip side, dark color website schemes can present challenges to usability:

  • Light text on a dark color can be harsh and hard to read, making them unsuitable for text-heavy websites.
  • Dark themes minimize the sense of negative white space, creating a cluttered, muddled look on websites full of icons, buttons, and small images.  
  • Using too many bright colors can cause elements to fight against the background and look harsh, limiting a designer’s color choices.  

Are you ready to dive into the landscape of dark web designs? 

Look no further than these biotech websites to illustrate how our agency uses dark website color schemes to elevate the look of these next-generation websites.


Boston-based AI-enabled biotech company

Aitia dark colored website scheme example

Company Mission: Aitia is an AI-enabled biotech company with a mission to reveal hidden biological mechanisms of disease and discover breakthrough drugs. Featuring a world-class team of AI pioneers, R&D veterans, and biotech company veterans, Aitia is backed by top-tier healthcare and strategic pharma leaders.   

Website Goal: To create a sleek, future-oriented site that highlights the company’s new goals, scientific model, and offerings 

Website Design Highlights: The customized dark web theme uses deep blue as the primary background color, a vivid lighter blue as an accent color, and white text. The background also includes subtle geometric shapes reminiscent of molecules. These colors meld with bold AI-inspired animations that smoothly transition on the page. The soothing colors, elegant animations, and clean font align with the brand’s vision of continuously driving new discoveries forward. 

Our Services:

  • Designing a custom website using the latest techniques
  • Restructuring website architecture to reflect new goals and offerings
  • Website SEO Keyword Planning and Implementation
  • Custom animated pipeline
  • Ongoing Website Support

Visit the website here: Aitia

Tacit Therapeutics – Bay Area-based RNA therapeutics company

Tacit Therapeutics dark color website scheme


Company Mission: Tacit Therapeutics repurposes naturally existing systems to repair RNA, fixing defective genes while avoiding the risk associated with other gene editing processes. This science creates the most broadly applicable and safest way to treat genetic diseases. 

Website Goal: To develop this San Francisco-based biotech company’s first-ever website, introducing its next-generation of RNA therapeutics to a saturated marketplace

Website Design Highlights: This visually stunning site features torrents of color, with a dark homepage that creates maximum drama. Set against the deep gray/black background, a striking ray of vivid aqua rises up like a futuristic laser beam. Another surprise await further down: The primary message and a prominent link to the “Our Science” page over a large, dazzling, translucent pink circle. On more text-oriented pages, high-energy images equally pop against a light background. The site is a show-stopper that echoes the power of transformative genetic science. 

Our Services:

  • Custom design
  • Custom animations 
  • User experience planning 
  • Website SEO Keyword Planning and Implementation
  • Messaging and content writing

Visit the website here: Tacit Therapeutics

Paradigm 4 Biotech in Boston Website Example
Bioinformatics firm Paradigm4 simplified the user experience from its previous website making it easier for users to find the information they need.

Paradigm 4

Company Mission: This Waltham, Massachusetts bioinformatics company specializes in scientific data management and computing optimization solutions for biotech, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and beyond. 

Website Goal: To emphasize the brand’s distinctive state-of-the-art bioinformatics solutions while concisely presenting large amounts of information    

Website Design Highlights: Upon entering the site, the primary message in bold white contrasts against a deep blue background. The dark background also sets the stage for a futuristic animation that resembles an undulating sea of data points. Color and contrast, design elements, movement, and smart use of negative space highlight distinct elements, accentuate colorful multidimensional images, and call attention to hyperlink buttons. The website reinforces that Paradigm 4 is continuously moving toward future success.

Our Services:

  • Custom website design, graphics, and tables
  • Restructuring site architecture for new goals and offerings
  • Website SEO Keyword Planning and Implementation
  • Custom Resource Section
  • Ongoing Website Support

Visit the website here: Paradigm 4

Biotech Website Design Example for Pledge Bio

Pledge Biotherapeutics – Boston based therapeutics company

Company Mission: Pledge, a startup therapeutics company, tackles the most challenging drug targets in modern medicine, giving rise to a portfolio of first-in-class immune-oncology and antiviral medicinal assets poised to alter the treatment paradigm for several life-threatening diseases.

Website Goal: To design a first-ever company website that incorporates the client’s antiviral and immuno-oncology brands and technologies under one digital roof.

Website Design Highlights: The dark blue theme is ideal for setting off eye-catching 3D animations and diagrams full of vibrant colors, subtle textures, and movement. The ultra-modern design, clear messaging, and readable content integrate the startup’s two businesses, introduce their cutting-edge science, and provide intuitive brand-centered navigation. This sleek, motion-filled website speaks to the potential of drug discovery now and into the future.

Our Services:

  • Custom Modern Website Design
  • Website SEO Keyword Planning and Implementation
  • Ongoing Website Support

Visit the website here: Pledge Therapeutics

fulcrum genomics website design

Fulcrum Genomics – bioinformatics consulting

Company Mission: Fulcrum Genomics develops cutting-edge, highly tailored bioinformatics tools, pipelines, and systems that generate insights from complex data sets to advance the understanding of disease and biology. 

Website Goal: To attract new customers and talent to this early-growth genomics company’s expanding business

Website Design Highlights: Using color-blocking techniques, personal messaging, and oversized images conveying molecular genomic science, this innovative site exudes futuristic sophistication, vibrancy, and human approachability. This distinctive, modern website design won the 2022 Web Marketing Association’s annual Standard of Excellence Award in the biotech website design category.   

Our Services

  • Messaging
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom animation
  • Ongoing Website Support

Visit the website here: Fulcrum Genomics

Nanotein Technologies Biotech Website Example

Nanotein Technologies – Berkeley-based startup

Company Mission: This Berkeley-based startup’s proprietary technology uses cell expansion to produce more clinically potent CAR-T cells that live longer in vivo for longer duration of anti-cancer effects and improve clinical outcomes.

Website Goal: To reflect the client’s highly complex, groundbreaking technology in an image-focused, concise manner. 

Website Design Highlights: On the homepage, a bold-white benefit statement stands out against the background, as does the prominently placed Shop Now button in brand-matching orange. A spacey, fluid blue-gray animation that seems to shift and expand surrounds these well-grounded elements. On other pages, dazzling hero images feature fantastical 3D cell images floating on a dark background. Elsewhere on the page, intriguing 3D cellular images on a dark background look other-worldly. This is a website that has a clear, futuristic identity. 

Our Services:

  • Messaging
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom animation
  • Ongoing Website Support

Visit the website: Nanotein Technologies

Propel Your Company into the Future with a Unique Website

Do these dark color scheme website designs inspire you? Biotech companies of all kinds are driving our world toward exciting research and cures for some of the most challenging scientific and health problems today. With their sleek, modern appeal, dark themes can be a game-changer. When done right, biotech companies can look to dark theme website designs to evoke emotion and encourage action from investors, partners, customers, and recruitment candidates. 

Whether you’re a startup company building its first website or a later-stage biotech company looking to overhaul your existing site, award-winning Ladybugz Interactive can move you toward your digital goals. Our highly skilled, enthusiastic team understands the biotech landscape and can set you apart with compelling branding, design, and targeted messaging. Are you ready for a site that will bring you into the future? Contact us for an estimate.    

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