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Clinical-stage biopharma designs new website in preparation of industry conference.

Clinical-Stage Biopharma Website Design

Website Project Overview

OrsoBio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company in Palo Alto, California. Their team of medical doctors and PhD scientists bring expertise from across the pharmaceutical industry. They needed new branding, messaging, and a website for their newly formed company. Our digital agency has years of expertise designing logos and providing full website solutions for startup biopharma companies.

Clinical-Stage Biopharma Website Design Challenges

OrsoBio was founded by a team of medical doctors and PhD scientists from across the biopharmaceutical industry. Although their drug development program has been in the works for several years, they did not have a logo or website to showcase their work. They approached our digital agency to design branding and a new website for them on an expedited timeline. They needed this project completed in four weeks in time for an upcoming conference. 

What Information is Needed to Design a Biopharma Website?

OrsoBio needed a preliminary version of their website to present at an upcoming conference. This biotech startup website needed to showcase five posters, one for each of their drug development programs. They also wanted to highlight their team’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry and medical field, as well as the innovative nature of their work as a whole. 

This website presence needed to lend credibility to the new company as they presented their work to peers in the industry, as well as to potential investors.

Creating a New Website for a Clinical-Stage Biopharma

This Palo Alto biopharma company needed a new logo and a complete branding solution before we could begin work on their website. Our design team spoke at length with OrsoBio’s team to understand their needs and vision. 

Custom Branding from Concept to Completion

The OrsoBio team has long been inspired by the way bears can maintain homeostasis through hibernation. They have studied that process through the course of their work. The word “orso” means “bear” in Italian, and the client wanted to include this imagery somewhere in their logo. Additionally, their work revolves around establishing homeostasis on a cellular level, so they wanted to incorporate energy into the concept as well. 

Our designers presented several logo and branding options, covering a range of tones and ideas. The OrsoBio team felt unanimously that one of the logo options encapsulated their company best. Then, our designers worked with OrsoBio’s team to perfect every element of the new logo and branding in a relatively short amount of time. Their team was extremely pleased with this new logo, which ultimately served as the inspiration for their full website design.  

Understanding the Nuances of Website Content & Design for a Biopharmaceutical Start-up

Once our designers finished the branding process, we worked with OrsoBio to create their new website on an expedited timeline. Our designers carried elements of the logo throughout the entire site, and incorporated other scientific imagery unique to OrsoBio’s actual work. 

In addition to complete design and development, our digital agency also wrote copy for this new website. Our content team worked closely with the client to understand their history as a company, as well as their complex drug development programs. We have worked with dozens of biotech companies to write and edit web copy, and understand the needs and nuances of writing for this industry. We are able to take complex scientific language and make it accessible for a range of audiences and optimized for the web.

Website Features Customized for Pharma

The biopharma’s website not only highlights their groundbreaking work in treating patients with metabolic diseases, but also their experienced team of doctors and PhD scientists. Each page of their site highlights their expertise through:

  • Interactive graphics showing OrsoBio’s drug development pipeline and program features
  • Dedicated science page highlighting OrsoBio’s platform and published works 
  • Posters showcasing OrsoBio’s drug development programs to present at a conference
  • About page that details their global team’s decades of experience as well as their investors and partners

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