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Elevate Your Biotech Website With Custom Photography

Biotech Website Design

Not sure if you want to splurge on custom photography for your new or redesigned biotech website? Unsure about its value and if it’s worth the money? It is and here’s why.

Custom photography tells a powerful visual story that stock photography can’t. It shows the world who you are as a company and why your products and services are important. And in the crowded biotech space, anything you can do to stand out helps. Custom photography creates a great first impression and this is key to building new relationships with potential new investors and partners that are rooted in trust.

While there are many reasons why an investment in custom photography is worth it, these are the top 3 reasons you should consider it for your new biotech website:

Show your uniqueness.

Do you have a unique lab space in the heart of a busy city? Show it off! Bring your viewers through your doors and into your world with custom photography. Nothing is more exciting than having the chance to go behind the scenes of scientific discovery. Is your team impressive, bold, and just a little bit quirky? Let their personalities shine through some playful, candid photos in your office or at your all-you-can-eat snack bar. All of these unique nuances would go unseen without custom photography and these are the very reasons why people will want to get behind your work and company. Oftentimes, our Ladybugz clients will decide against custom photography at the beginning of their biotech website creation and redesign only to realize halfway down the road that they need it to help tell their story. Custom photography visually showcases your differentiators that explain how you are different and why your discoveries are important. And when you are trying to stand out in a saturated market full of next-generation this and groundbreaking that, you could use all the help you can get.

Biotechnology Website Design Example

Build Trust & Credibility

We’ve all seen “those” websites before. The ones that look slapped together, have low-resolution, pixelated images, and wonky design features. There is nothing that will destroy your professional image and a chance to build trust and credibility faster than an unprofessional and poorly designed website. If you want investors and partners to take your company seriously, you have to look the part. And in the biotech space, appearance matters. Your science and innovation is impressive. So are the incredible people who discovered it. Your website needs to visually represent your work and staff in the best possible way. Headshots taken on iphones are not impressive. Nor do they represent a professional company that is changing the scientific landscape. Custom headshots that are high-resolution, uniform, and shot by a professional photographer elevate your company. And that makes you look trustworthy and credible with future stakeholders. Don’t give people a reason to question your professionalism at the very beginning.

custom biotech lab photoshoot in Boston MA

Capture Their Attention

At Ladybugz, we talk a lot about visual storytelling. It’s an important part of your intentionally designed biotech website because it plays to how the world likes to consume information. A picture is worth a thousand words and in the battle to capture your audience’s attention and hold it…we need lots of incredible photos working for you. Custom photography that takes visitors on a journey from your lab to your office space brings investors and future employees inside your company. It shows them who you are, why they should care, and inspires them to want to be a part of all of it with you. Beautiful design spaces and surrounding cities add depth and color to your company story that cannot come to life without this custom touch. Your biotech company in today’s marketplace needs to stand out in a room full of people trying to do the same. Custom photography is a great way to take your biotech website to the next level.

photo of a lab mouse

Get Your Biotech Website Noticed With Custom Photography

The best time to have a professional take custom photography for your biotech website is during the creation or redesign process. Your graphic designer can seamlessly weave your new custom photography into your new website design and even create designs based on the new custom photography to bring your authentic new website to life. During this creative process, new and unique ideas for shot lists could arise so it’s a great opportunity to work this element into your creation or redesign timeline. Custom photography will help showcase your differentiators, build trust and credibility, and successfully tell your story, visually.

Sanaheal team with their newly designed web site with ladybugz interactive

To discuss how the Ladybugz team can help you reach your goals with a new website design, contact our experts today.

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Need some help with custom photography for your biotech website?

Leanne Kennis

Leanne Kennis

With 15 years of professional writing experience in biotech, consumer, and nonprofit, Leanne is a seasoned writer and strategic thinker who infuses passion and industry knowledge into all that she does. At Ladybugz she is helping our biotech brands define their message and bring that out on their websites.

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