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Amy Westebbe

Amy Westebbe

Amy guides our client's content strategies when it comes to website design, growth-driven design, SEO, and brand development. She helps our B2B brands, improves their value propositions and ROI.

What do companies want when they hire a digital agency to design or refresh their websites? Our five-star rated web design agency has identified three areas our clients care about the most. First, they want an attractive site that tells customers who they are and what they offer. Second, they want their firm to be found organically online through SEO. And third, they want to grow their business.

The bottom line is that becoming a successful five-star rated web design agency requires meeting all three goals. Evidence that Ladybugz fulfills its clients’ needs are the top scores we receive on Clutch, a B2B platform that creates performance rankings for companies by industry. The rankings, which go up to five, are based on customer reviews. This makes them especially valuable as a tactic for visibility and proof of our agency’s expertise.

Award-Winning Biotech Website Design Using an Agile Process

We are proud of our top-level rankings on Clutch that make us a five-star rated web design agency. They validate the high-quality of our work and the positive relationships we build with our customers. They also give our team the satisfaction of knowing that our customers are happy with the work we deliver and want to share their experience with other business owners seeking a digital agency.

Our latest five-star reviews on focus on our personalized service, value and creativity and our popular agile website design process. That is why we have quickly become the boutique agency of choice for many early and emerging growth clients in biotech, non-profit and local growing Boston brands.

Personalized service for a non-profit education organization

The Wediko School, which joined The Home for Little Wanderers family in 2020, is a residential treatment center for middle and high school aged boys in New Hampshire. The school found us on a Google search and reached out to us because they needed new branding and, most importantly, a way to market the school through an all-new WordPress website.

Ladybugz Interactive Agency: A Top Creative and Web Design Agency in Massachusetts

Like all of our projects, we began this one with an in-depth discovery process. It’s important that we always understand the background of the organization, its current situation, and what it wants to accomplish so that we can create a pathway to success. We also explore how our clients like to work and determine which processes will be most efficient so we can deliver on time and within budget.

Residential School Website Design

Establishing an in-depth discovery process, along with building collaborative relationships, enable us to provide the individualized service we are known for in the industry. Katheleen Parente, VP of The Home for Little Wanderer’s, wrote in her review, “we like that they’re a small boutique agency, and their services are very personalized.” Regarding our work, The Wediko School is “very satisfied with the design and usability of the site” and are “thrilled to have a dedicated site where we can market they school and showcase our work and services we provided to students.” The organization has decided to continue working with us to host the site and provide maintenance support. 

Digging deep for a rich historic Boston brand’s website redesign

JB Sash and Door, located in Chelsea, MA, is an 80-year old full-service company selling windows and doors. They hired Ladybugz to “help reimagine and create a website that was truly reflective of who we are as a company.” Marketing Manager Naomi Bertolami shared that she also found us doing an organic online search. She thought our website was “fresh, vibrant, and easy to locate the kind of information I was after,” and that “interacting with their site is exactly what we wanted with our site experience.”

Boston Company Website Design

Once again, the review highlighted our discovery process, reiterating that “[Ladybugz] really pushed us to dig deep as a company to bring forward our identity, not just the products and services we offer.” With a firm grasp of JB’s client’s needs, we built a strong foundation for the site’s infrastructure. From there, we developed the content and design at a good pace.

The client also appreciated that Ladybugz “helped bring creative ideas to how we might bring more educational features to the customer journey to support our goals.” Not only did they think the website was beautiful and easy to navigate, but they also “received positive feedback from customers and industry partners.”

JB Sash and Door Clutch Review - five star rated web design agency

Guiding a local business through the web design process

The Hudson Business Association wanted us to modernize their website. Association President Jeffrey Gordon, said in the review that, “Our website had become very outdated. We needed to modernize the site in order to attract new businesses and become more modern. We hired Ladybugz to bring their expertise in updating our site as well as give us advice on best practices.”

Unlike the previous client who found us online, the Association “selected us for the engagement because of our ‘reputation for delivering excellent products.’” Our project team took the client through the process step-by-step, letting them know what to expect and what we needed from their end. The three-member Ladybugz team guided the client on website best practices to increase their understanding of our recommendations.

Business AssociationWebsite Design

After the site’s relaunch, Association members began using it more effectively and enrolling for membership became electronic, rather than paper-based. According to the client, the new online membership process made enrollment “much more organized and easy to track.” Regarding the process, the Association shared that “Ladybugz managed the project well, communicating throughout the engagement. Overall, working with their members was enjoyable for the firm.” 

Hudson Business Association Clutch Review - five star rated web design agency

Top-Ranked Satisfaction for Clients with our Five Star Rated Web Design Agency

The five-star ratings from these three clients reflect the high-quality work and attention we deliver to each of our clients. As these reviews were published over the past few months, we learned that, thanks in part to our positive Clutch reviews, we were included in the top 100 WordPress website design companies in Boston listed on Top Design Firms.

How small marketing agencies can benefit your business

Our expert project leaders, creatives, and developers provide a high-quality service that ranks us at the top of interactive agencies. The reviews mentioned above demonstrate our personalized service, expertise, and ability to work efficiently. The result is a site that reflects your company’s identity, brings in business, and gets you noticed. Even more, you’ll enjoy working with us because we enjoy our work and creating lasting relationships.

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