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A Digital Marketing Success Story: How We Grew Our Own Agency

Alison Rochford

Alison Rochford

Alison Rochford is a writer with experience in journalism, PR, and marketing. She has worked with dozens of companies to write copy for advertisements and social media that reflect the brand and mission of the companies themselves. She's part of our delivery team for digital strategy and implementation. Alison Rochford, Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing success story starts with a pandemic. One that caused many Americans to leave their jobs or shift the nature of their work. That’s where Lysa Miller found herself. So, she created a company where digital experts could weather the demands of the pandemic (especially at home) and enjoy the flexibility of gig work with the security of an office job. 

Ladybugz Interactive started out in the summer of 2020 with Lysa Miller freelancing for women-owned and local growing businesses. Miller put her digital marketing and SEO skills to work, making her own web design and search marketing company a top priority.

“Many business owners make the mistake of not doing their own marketing first,” says Miller. “But as a web design and digital marketing company, I had to focus on what I know best to grow our agency.”

Not really wanting to build another agency, a few of Miller’s freelance clients urged her to start over and to do what she was doing for them, for others. So she did.

Within a few months, inquiries increased and Miller had no choice but to start the company by hiring Frank Pereira from Providence’s Ten12Designs in late October. From there, Ladybugz continued to grow over the next year. We are now a team of 19 experts specializing in niche verticals for early growth companies in biotech, B2B, education and non-profit. We’ve launched 26 websites in our first year alone and are servicing several digital marketing contracts for various companies. 

Ladybugz also works with Boston area legacy brands to up-level their traditional marketing efforts helping them navigate these fluctuating and unpredictable times.

An Impressive Team of Digital Marketing Professionals

Finding amazing team members wasn’t that hard and it’s a crucial piece of our digital marketing success story. The pandemic had hit most freelancers relatively hard and Miller offered some seasoned experts an opportunity of a lifetime.

The ability to grow with Ladybugz along with keeping the option to still work in their own freelance firms as they desired. In the end, Miller felt like these experts brought so much value to the table. With a shortage in the workforce this model suited our agency just fine. 

Most of the team now represents Ladybugz exclusively, but we still slide them the perfect client when needed or let them fine craft their skills on their own projects. The team consists of specialists in web design and development, brand building, web support, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

Ladybugz Digital Agency Boston Team
Left to right: Morgan Kropa, Lysa Miller, Frank Pereira and Amy Westebbe at our creative studio at The Landing at Hudson Mills.

Key players in our organization include:

Strategy and Growth 

Lysa Miller oversees Ladybugz overall growth, focusing on business development, demand gen, strategy, and operations. Lysa has worked in digital marketing for more than 20 years, and understands how to create long-term success in an ever-changing online environment. 

Technical Direction and Web Services 

Frank Pereira is a graphic designer and WordPress content implementation specialist. He manages computer networking systems and oversees layout designs that go above and beyond client expectations. 

Creative Direction and Brand Strategy 

Morgan Kropa has worked with companies to perfect their digital branding for more than a decade and a half. She understands the importance of businesses identifying and honing their brands online to ensure real-world results. 

Sales Operations and Customer Success 

Billie Kenyon is dedicated to customer success, and is constantly coming up with innovations and improvements that benefit both the Ladybugz team and the clients they serve. 

User Experience and Creative Direction

Robbie Moore guides clients as they work to identify their digital voice, especially early-growth companies. He has taught college-level typography and design, and has a knack for making complex web design and development concepts feel accessible to everyone he works with. 

Digital Marketing and SEO Management 

Crystal Daher’s expertise is in digital marketing, social media, and SEO implementation. A beautiful new website means nothing if nobody can find it online, and Crystal ensures that Ladybugz clients’ content ranks highly in web and social media searches. 

A custom interactive and iterative process (Agile!)

The team at Ladybugz Interactive has created a unique method to help early growth companies identify their digital voice. This agile process allows clients to get custom WordPress websites designed, developed, and launched in just 8 to 12 weeks. Afterwards, Ladybugz continues to work with clients to ensure long-term success of their digital strategies. Learn more about all of the digital marketing professionals at our web design and digital marketing agency.

Focusing our web design chops

Throughout Ladybugz Interactive’s inaugural year, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in digital marketing for biotech companies, specialty education and non-profit organizations, and B2B and B2C companies. We specialize in affordable but high-quality service for early growth companies, with a focus on woman-owned and minority-owned businesses.

See our impressive portfolio to learn more about the digital marketing strategies that Ladybugz has implemented for our clients. 

Biotech Startup Website Design Example
We recently launched a biotech website for a Silicon Valley Bioscience startup to Announce their 80M in venture funding.

Our boutique digital agency gets featured in the media (over and over.)

We specialize in helping clients tell their story through digital marketing. Like any business, Ladybugz has our own story, which has been featured in print and on podcasts. 

A November article from the MetroWest Daily News highlights how Ladybugz from a one-woman show to one of the top agencies in the Boston area. When the pandemic required companies of all kinds to increase their digital presence, The Ladybugz team was there for clients who didn’t even know where to begin. 

Grateful during a pandemice

For those who want to hear our digital marketing success story for themselves, we’ve been featured on the popular podcast The Resilient Entrepreneur twice. The first time, Lysa and host Michelle Mercier discussed how to block out the noise in your life, both personal and professional, to focus on success. The second time, Miller shared her advice on building strong relationships to grow your business.

For an in-depth look into our digital marketing success story, read our feature on, a managed cloud hosting platform that features a blog with advice from industry experts. In this 2020 interview, Lysa shared the origins of Ladybugz, the team’s creative process, and her definition of customer success. She also highlighted the diverse clientele of Ladybugz Interactive, how the team has shifted during COVID, and how to balance personal and professional brands online. 

For more expert advice and insight into the Ladybugz creative process, see the full list of publications that have highlighted our work in the world of digital marketing. 

Continuously Named a Top Boston Web Design + Digital Marketing Agency 

Ladybugz Interactive has been recognized time and time again for our work helping dozens of companies create and maintain a strong digital presence. 

Ladybugz Interactive was also named as one of the Women-Owned Agencies to Watch Out for in 2021 by Agency Vista, a network of more than 46,000 marketing agencies. 

Ladybugz Interactive named among Women-Owned Agencies to Watch Out for in 2021, a leading B2B research company, named Ladybugz Interactive one of the Top Global Creative & Design Firms of 2021 as well as one of the Top-Ten Women-Owned B2B Web Design and Digital Marketing Agencies. Ladybugz continuously receives perfect 5-star reviews on this platform. 

Most recently, Ladybugz was named as one of the Top Web Design Agencies in New England as well as one of the Best Boston Marketing Agencies by Agency Spotter, a site that uses customer reviews and data to help clients find marketing services worldwide. 

OG Image - Best Boston Marketing Agencies

As We Evolve, Our Commitment to Our Clients Remains the Same 

While helping clients expand their digital presence, Ladybugz Interactive is expanding our physical presence in Boston and beyond. Our studio in Hudson provides a space for creative services – namely photography, video production, and podcasting – allowing our talented team of full-time staff and freelancers to exercise their skills and go above and beyond for clients. Additionally, the Ladybugz Interactive Boston Seaport office provides a central meeting point for digital marketing clients across the greater Boston area. 

As Ladybugz Interactive continues to evolve in 2022, we remain committed to our mission of providing high-quality digital marketing to local, early-growth companies at an accessible price. We will continue to bolster women/minority-owned businesses and focus on diversity. Hand in hand with this goal is Ladybugz Interactive’s commitment to supporting freelancers by providing regular work in a people-first environment. 

If your New Year’s resolution includes growing and maintaining a strong digital presence for your business, contact us to see what our award-winning digital marketing team can do for you.


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