Women-Owned Agencies to Watch Out for by Agency Vista

Aya Lanzoni

Aya Lanzoni

Aya leads digital marketing accounts along with analytics reporting for our B2C + B2C clients. She works with the content team to produce lead generating, brand building, and SEO savvy digital programs that yield big results for our clients.

The Ladybugz team and founder Lysa Miller were excited to learn that the Boston digital growth agency was named among “Women-Owned Agencies to Watch Out for in 2021” by Agency Vista.

Who is Agency Vista?

Agency Vista is a network of 46,146 marketing agencies who recently created a list of women-owned agencies to watch out for. Businesses can discover, review, and connect with marketing agencies and have the confidence in knowing that they are working with trusted and reliable agencies, limiting wasted time and resources.

Agency Vista has developed a data-driven platform that utilizes key account information to assess the best match for your business based on the information you have provided in your search. It is derived from a variety of data points that are designed to help business owners find a marketing agency that is the best fit for them, with the goal of giving business owners peace-of-mind knowing they are partnering with a digital agency they can trust. This includes an extensive list of women-owned agencies changing the ecosphere in the digital agency world.

“Our Boston digital agency was formed out of the needs we saw in certain demographics not being fulfilled  in the current marketplace,” said Lysa Miller, founder of Ladybugz Interactive Agency. “We saw more women and minority-owned and led companies along with early growth organizations, needing professional agency services that required a more agile approach to solving their web challenges.“

Ladybugz Interactive was fourth on the list of “Women-Owned Agencies to Watch Out for in 2021.” Ladybugz’s founder Lysa Miller loves people and loves helping people at heart. So when she put all that into her own agency, it is pretty amazing. The agency’s reputation speaks for itself. Ladybugz helps companies grow sales and revenues and provide high-end website design, digital marketing, SEO, online PR, growth driven design, continuous improvement and other creative consulting services to support those areas. Ladybugz was honored to be listed among the brilliant women-owned agencies by Agency Vista.

“We built a model to turn high-end design and development projects around quickly using an iterative phased approach from launch to second and third phases to their projects as the companies expanded in this period. The team has created various products around those needs that could jumpstart their digital transformation,” Miller said. “The continuous improvement process has been a win-win to pivot, change and scale organizations digitally as their needs continue to evolve throughout this ever changing and unprecedented business and social climate.”

The history behind our Boston-based digital agency

Ladybugz Interactive is is a lean, flexible, agile, digital agency made up of experienced experts. The team specializes in messaging and branding, UI/UX design, web design and development and digital growth for early growth and startup organizations. The agency serves biotechnology, non-profit, education, professional services and entrepreneurial businesses. But in reality, the Boston digital agency works with many companies that can also fall outside those verticals but who embrace and support the agency’s mission to serve specific audiences.

The founder registered the name Ladybugz.com in 1996 when she and another female freelancer decided to pair up on some projects. The new Ladybugz Interactive Agency was reimagined under that name. “We feel it goes along with our mission as a women-owned agency; it kind of speaks for itself and we feel it speaks to the audience we serve,” Miller commented. 

Here are some current client examples of work by the Ladybugz Interactive web and digital marketing team:

Miller added, “We also saw a need for gig economy experts needing consistent work to help support them through COVID. Most of those team members are now dedicated to our digital agency, along with the clients and mission we serve. We continue to grow our team of experts as our niche industries in biotech, non-profit, manufacturing and education expand and grow.”

A funky coop of digital experts

For the most part, Ladybugz team members enjoy life as “non” 9-to-5ers. With a “life first” outlook, we are not bound to the traditional work-life balance.

“Because we are mostly project and product based, our team can pick and choose the projects that support living the flexible gig lifestyle they’ve always enjoyed or want to start enjoying more in the future. We tout ourselves as a ‘life-first’ company,” said Miller.

Our successful process

The agile process has improved project turnaround time and the team’s ability to always stay on budget, without sacrificing quality in design and development. As the team does more projects and specialize in these niches, the process only continues to improve.

“There is a high-level of client involvement during this process. It’s a commitment we ask for.  Therefore, we produce best product based on consistent feedback from the subject and industry experts,” said Miller. 

Although it does require more time on the client’s end, the final result is a timely, collaborative solution that knocks it out of the park, every time. Working in a short timeframe works really well for these phased out projects.

“After going through this process, our team has in-depth knowledge and insights into their business and industry. This allows us to continue on a growth path with far less client involvement. We are a ‘do it with you,’ not “do it for you” collaborative agency.  The end result is an incredible relationship that continues to thrive,” Miller added.

A future so bright, you gotta wear shades 😎

2021 has been quite the year for Miller and the Ladybugz Interactive Agency’s team of digital experts. The company has been consistently featured on industry websites, news and web publications and podcasts

Most recently, the company has been listed as a “Top Ten Web Design Companies in Boston” on Clutch.co, the Manifest and Seolium. Moreover, it became a top-ranking SEO company in Boston on SEO Blog and Visual Objects, and continues to hold its five-star status with Clutch.co.

What’s next for Ladybugz Interactive?

“In the upcoming months, you’ll see us launch several websites. Those will include early growth biotechs, specialty educational institutions and non-profits focusing on women. We have some pretty exciting clients we can’t yet talk about. As an example, think benefactors to the country’s best post-secondary institutions investing in specialty education. Along with nonprofits raising the bar for women and children and those with special needs. Mission accomplished!”

Miller looks to the bright future for Ladybugz Interactive Agency. “A future so bright, you gotta wear shades,” she mentioned on the Cinch I.T. Founder’s Story Podcast. For new entrepreneurs and business owners, she provides a bit of advice:

“Have a mission or why. Find a product or service that serves that niche market. Love what you do everyday and who you do it for. Excel in that niche and target hard. Continue to spread the joy and love for what you do and who you do it for! Don’t pay attention to what other people say. Listen to your own intuition. It’s usually right. Your unique product is you and the love you put into it. Invest in marketing your own company.”

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