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Finance company B2B website design was a newer vertical for us, but as WordPress experts, the company needed us to evolve its website more than anything. It required an updated look and feel, along with improved technology, speed and scalable platform to grow its digital marketing. We continue to work with the finance company as their digital agency partner for all things digital marketing including social media, SEO and content production and website support and growth.

"This is exactly what we needed to further our marketing efforts."

NFS Leasing Challenged Credit Finance Company Website Design

Finance Company B2B Website Design Challenge

NFS Leasing is an equipment finance company that uses its own capital to supply fast, flexible equipment financing to non-investment grade companies in the U.S. and Canada. Like many of its clients, NFS Leasing is experiencing rapid growth. NFS required a digital partner to help them expand the reach of their brand even further.

 The company needed a digital partner to update and redesign the website, improve its technology and help set the B2B Finance company up for expanded growth.

The company needed a digital partner to update and redesign the website, improve its technology and help set the B2B Finance company up for expanded growth.

NFS had revamped its website two years ago but at that time the focus was on content and general navigation. The B2B site required a redesign to meet the growing needs of the business. First, while the brand positioning was strong and cohesive, the website required improvement on its user experience. There was limited contrast between background and font colors, making it difficult to read titles and text. Secondly, the website layout made it difficult to find important testimonials and case studies. Thirdly, the site’s limited platform would not allow for its continued evolution and growth and marketing. Lastly, the company needed a creative digital marketing partner who could meet all of their digital needs such as content development, SEO, growth driven design and social media.

"They do a fantastic job as a team. Their collaboration and willingness to support and assist one another is evident throughout the project. Also, they are actual partners. They truly serve as an extension to your team. This is exactly what we needed to further our marketing efforts. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome."

Finance Company B2B Website Design Solution

We had to do our research before starting this new B2B website design. Firstly, we completed a thorough evaluation of the current website. Secondly, planning the website’s navigation for a new website platform was essential. Creating a simple clean design that could be easily implemented was also important. Thirdly, the contemporary site design was to be built using the existing website content. The site would also need a more ADA friendly color theme, improved photography and visuals. The site would need new modern features to improve navigating the site’s elements.

We needed to improve the technical aspects of the back-end. To meet its growing content and SEO needs, evolving and growing the site would need to be simple. We also gave the B2B website design a fresher appearance and enhanced user-experience.

Following an agile process, the client was able to sign-off on the B2B website design pages, on an ongoing basis. The client was involved in all phases of the project which created a streamlined and simple QA process. The site’s deployment ran smoothly, and the site launch happened overnight with no hiccups. Lastly, a streamlined website design process allowed for an easy six-week project. The agile process allowed us to easily meet the client’s accelerated timeline for the project.

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