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A residential school for boys in NH gets a brand new website to attract more students.

Residential School Website Design

Website Project Overview

The Wediko School decided to move forward with a a residential school website design project. The non-profit residential school is located in rural Northern New Hampshire. Wediko works with students with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The school provides services and tools that help these boys thrive. The Wediko School merged with The Home for Little Wanderers in early 2021. With the acquisition, they organization realized they needed a new digital presence. They needed something that would help increase student enrollment, the recruitment of counselors, and improve fundraising. They came to our digital agency looking for a new residential school website design to meet those goals.

"We just shared the official launch of our new website internally and the team is beyond thrilled!"

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School Website Design & Development Challenge: 

The new residential school website design that Ladybugz built needed to increase awareness of what the Wediko School could do for students and families by highlighting parent testimonials, the experienced school staff, and more. An added challenge was finding imagery for the website while maintaining the privacy of the students. 

Prior to this endeavor, The Wediko School had done little to no marketing. 

The residential school website design was necessary to generate interest and awareness of the school. The school also wanted to also use the website to fundraise as well as increase their presence in the residential school private pay market. This website had to coordinate with that of the Home for Little Wanderers without matching exactly.

"Brilliant, beautiful and flawless were just some of the many rave reactions. Thank you for giving The Wediko School an online presence that truly encapsulates “Wediko Magic”! We are so grateful for your entire team and are already looking forward to our next project!"

School Website Design & Development Solution: 

When presented with these residential school website design challenges, the team at Ladybugz began by designing several potential websites for the client to choose from that coordinated with that of The Home for Little Wanderers without matching exactly. Then, they developed a custom WordPress website based on the client’s preference. This particular client had a firm vision from the beginning, and the design and development processes went quickly and smoothly. 

The residential school website design shows some imagery from the school as well as stock photos of children that mirrors the diversity of the Wediko School itself, as well as parent testimonials. The new website also features a video from the Wediko School’s YouTube channel. The software that Ladybugz used allowed the client to select a segment of their YouTube video, embed it on their website’s homepage, and have it play on repeat. By developing a new WordPress website for The Wediko School, the client was able to truly customize the features that would work best for their specific needs. 

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