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Website Design, Branding, Photography, and Digital Marketing for a Female Coaching Organization in Boston.

Female Coaching Organization
Branding + Website Design

Website Project Overview

Ascentiya is a female-owned coaching organization in Boston helping women rise in their organizations and help organizations create an inclusive culture thats required to achieve diversity goals. The organization required a full brand design from the ground up, a new website design, professional photography, videography and digital marketing. Our full-service Boston digital agency was ready to take a deep dive to help Ascentiya launch their new brand and company.

The most impressive aspect of Ladybugz's team was their dedication to our company's mission.

Coaching Organization Website Design Challenges:

This coaching organization website design project had several requirements when it came to choosing a web design agency.

  • To begin with there was no name, brand, logo or website to represent the coaching organization.
  • Next, there was no written content, photography or videography to accompany the website design project.
  • It was important for the company to be able to access and update their site as the company grows and scales.
  • The client wanted several integrations with chat and booking appointments to improve lead generation.
  • A full-service company was important to service ongoing needs such as support and digital growth.
  • It was important to the organization to work with a diverse digital agency that aligned with its mission.

Coaching Organization Website Design Solutions:

  • Firstly we created a beautiful brand palette and modern logo design for Ascentiya.
  • Secondly, we designed + developed a beautiful new WordPress website.
  • Third, we provided SEO consulting and implemented several software integrations into the site.
  • Moreover. we provided digital content, for instance, written copy, digital photography, and videography.
  • Implemented the Ladybugz Jumpstartâ„¢ Digital Growth Program, as result, increased brand exposure.
  • Lastly, we provide website hosting and support to keep the client’s website at top-peak performance.

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