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Independent school redesigns website in anticipation of 75th anniversary.

Independent School Website Design

Website Project Overview

This independent school in Stonington, Connecticut wanted to rebrand and redo their entire website as they approached their 75th. Both their new branding and website reflect their values as an institution, and their commitment to lifelong learning. Our digital agency has worked with several educational organizations to fulfill all of their marketing needs.

Independent School Website Design Challenges

Pine Point School has utilized the vibrant nature of New England and a student-centered approach to create generations of lifelong learners since 1948. They wanted their branding and website to reflect this work, as well as their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. Additionally, as they approach their 75th anniversary, this new branding and website needed to set the tone for the future of this historic independent school. 

What Elements are Needed on an Independent School Website?

An independent school needs to appeal to prospective students, provide information for current families, and make alumni feel like valued members of the community for life. Additionally, Pine Point School needed a completely separate section of the website to showcase “Evergreen,” their skills-based educational program for children and adults alike. 

As they reimagined their vision for the future, they also wanted to pay homage to their rich history, ensuring that alumni and prospective students alike felt represented.

Creating a New Website for an Independent School

Our interactive agency worked closely with the team from Pine Point School to reimagine their brand and website. It was easily the most collaborative project we’ve ever done. We underwent a complete redesign process for both their school logo, and the logo for their skills-based education program, “Evergreen.” 

Modern Branding with a Nod to History 

Pine Point School has always incorporated the nature of southern Connecticut into their branding. However, they had inconsistencies across their various marketing materials and signage. For a school with such a rich history, it was a difficult decision to rebrand, especially leading up to such a milestone anniversary. We were honored that they ultimately trusted our team with this pivotal branding process

Our team of designers sought to understand exactly what Pine Point needed to convey with their branding. The Pine Point administration values the opinion of their community so highly. Therefore, we sent out a survey to a group of 2,000 people asking about different aspects of the logo. Finally, using that feedback, we worked to create a uniform image to use as the face of the school. 

The new logo centers around the pine trees that lend this independent school its name. Additionally, it features a subtle nod to the Connecticut shoreline, a bedrock of Pine Point’s science curriculum. The result is a consistent brand image that represents the values and feel of this independent school. Ultimately, this rebranding was the foundation for Pine Point’s new website. 

Adapting Our Agile Process to Suit the Client’s Needs

After finishing the critical rebranding process, we guided the Pine Point team through the process of starting their website from scratch. We created elements of the site using branding elements that the client used as building blocks to design each page of this brand new website. True to the collaborative values that their school is built upon, the Pine Point team worked with us as an equal partner to create each page. 

Pine Point wanted to completely rewrite all of the copy for this new site. We were able to further adapt our agile process to design each section of the website in sprints to accommodate the writing process. 

Easy to Navigate Website with All-Encompassing Features

Pine Point’s new school website is an expansion of their vibrant new branding. It truly encapsulates the essence of lifelong learning that is so crucial to the school. Working hand-in-hand with the client, Ladybugz Interactive created a website that is efficient, effective, and visually stunning, with features such as: 

  • Program overview that uses imagery from each age group to highlight various offerings 
  • Blog featuring unique perspectives from students and faculty alike
  • Navigation buttons that prompt users to visit and apply to the school, as well as donate to support their continued success
  • Designated section for alumni to be able to get involved with their alma mater 
  • Comprehensive admissions information and transparent application process
  • Separate section of the website for their “Evergreen” program, complete with its own branding
  • Integration with My School App, the school portal for current students and families to access crucial information 

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