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WordPress Website Support: 20 Reasons Why You Need It!

Amy Westebbe

Amy Westebbe

Amy guides our client's content strategies when it comes to website design, growth-driven design, SEO, and brand development. She helps our B2B brands, improves their value propositions and ROI.

It doesn’t make sense spending all that time and money on your WordPress website only to have it bomb because of poor WordPress website support. As one of your most significant business assets, you want to maximize its long-term value and improve it over time. The problem is it can be a burden keeping up with the dozens of ongoing tasks required to keep your website updated, secure, SEO-friendly, and operating at peak performance.

If your company is overwhelmed by the upkeep of your WordPress website, consider getting more support by hiring an interactive company with WordPress expertise.

What Can You Expect from Your WordPress Website Support Company?

Keeping a WordPress website running smoothly and getting the best results is complicated and time-consuming. That’s why companies of all sizes often take it to the experts. Outsourcing WordPress support can remove the burden of critical website responsibilities in the following ways.

1. WordPress Versioning Updates

Each new WordPress version releases fixes bugs, adds new features, improves speed and performance, and enhances existing features to stay up-to-date with industry standards. Your WordPress support partner can ensure that you don’t miss out on new functionality, design, plugins, and security opportunities.

2. WordPress Website Security updates

WordPress sites, especially outdated ones, are particularly vulnerable to hacking and other cybercrime. WordPress releases frequent security updates to plug vulnerabilities that present security risks. Delays in installing these updates introduce many security risks. If your internal IT team is overwhelmed, a WordPress support partner can take over this crucial task.

3. WordPress Theme and Plugin Updates 

Another way to improve site security and functionality is to regularly update your WordPress themes and plugins. Third-party plugin developers generally rely on the latest version of WordPress. Older versions may be unable to take advantage of these plugins and some newly available themes.   

4. Website Update Testing for WordPress

Whenever you update or add new content, design, or functionality, you should thoroughly test your WordPress site before going live. Your WordPress support partner can take all the proper steps so that your changes look and function as intended.

5. Google Site Health

Improving your site health, a metric used by SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, can boost traffic and search engine visibility. Your website partner can use a site health tool to better and more efficiently understand and resolve problems such as site structure, speed, security, broken links, slow-loading pages, and other technical issues that impact the ability to rank for your target keywords. 

6. Accessibility for your WordPress Site

The Internet is enjoyed by a diverse population, including those with visual disabilities, physical impairments, and other challenges. These folks might be great customers. A WordPress expert can improve usability for all your visitors using accessibility tools and techniques when planning the site’s design, layout, navigation, content, plugins, forms, and much more.

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7. Technical Elements Relating to WordPress

Site performance and speed shape the user experience and how visitors judge the quality of your business. Technical problems can cause sites to run slowly. Your Website partner can significantly speed up your site by running performance tests, using the latest version of PHP, optimizing images, deleting unused plugins, tidying up your WordPress database, reducing file sizes, and more.

8. Google Indexing for your WordPress Website

Disorganized URLs and poor architecture can hinder the Googlebot’s ability to crawl and index your site, limiting its visibility to your potential customers. WordPress support experts can fix and avoid these problems in many ways, such as creating mobile-friendly webpages, optimizing your interlinking scheme, and eliminating duplicate or outdated content.

9. WordPress Website Monitoring

Providing an optimal, seamless user experience—including site performance, reliability, and availability—will improve your conversions, search engine rankings, and security. A knowledgeable WordPress expert will use industry best practices to fully monitor your WordPress site, leveraging tools that track critical performance indicators.

10. Best Practices for WordPress Website Support

Internal staff is often not well versed in best practices in website design, development, functionality, and other key areas. After all, the cyber world moves at lightning speed. A good WordPress support company keeps up with digital trends, technology advancements, security issues, and new opportunities on the WordPress platform.

11. Proactive Website Site Content Review

A website content review identifies all content on your live website, including images and design features. Your website support team will ensure that your web pages  function properly, all links work, your photos are optimized, and more. You can use this valuable information to tweak your current content, identify new content opportunities, and boost performance.

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12. Form Testing for your Website

When your forms aren’t user-friendly, you can lose orders, registrations, subscribers, leads, customers, and other important visitors. Your WordPress support team can improve submission rates by testing (and fixing) each online form’s functionality, integrations, and effectiveness by looking at elements such as design, copy, required fields, usability, and CTAs.   

13. Integrations on your WordPress site

A website integration is when your website sends or receives information from another application, system, or website. Integrations help web teams save time, manage information, and be more efficient. Common website Integrations include connections with other servers, CRMs, sales tools, chatbots, email signups, marketing automation, social media functionality—and the list goes on and on.

14. Site Speed for WordPress

The factors affecting page-load time and overall site speed are complex and varied. A WordPress support guru can maximize speed by analyzing text, videos, pictures, other media, plugins, third-party apps, coding, scripts, and more. This information enables your WordPress expert to implement the best solutions for top speed and performance.

15. Technical SEO for your Website

Technical SEO directly impacts your web site’s crawlability, indexability, and search rankings. This includes components like page titles, title tags, HTTP header responses, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, and metadata. A WordPress support person who is an SEO expert can use a variety of techniques and tools to boost SEO results.

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16. Website Update

Your website support team can easily make updates to your website. Another option is to have them train you on how to make straightforward updates (without blowing up the site). Many companies like a certain level of control over routine WordPress tasks and have a knowledgeable staff member who can lend a hand.

17. Iterative Website Build-Outs

Building a website is typically a linear process in which design and content teams work in silos, and key decision-makers only see the site after much of it has already been built. The result? Misunderstandings, frustration, and going back to the drawing board. Certain website companies can effectively lead an iterative process, which focuses on the broader scale involvement (including senior decision-makers) and close collaboration between the design, developer, and content creators. This agile process offers continuous feedback, catches problems early on, and gets faster approval from decision-makers.   

18. Emergency Outages and Website Software Issues

You can be in big trouble when your website is unavailable, slow, or glitchy. A website support team can write up a plan that protects you against such problems, with the specific steps required to resolve them. When trouble hits, a clear plan ensures that your customers won’t be inconvenienced.   

19. Questions about your WordPress Website

Companies often have questions about their website’s functionality, performance results, SEO, or other topics. A client-focused website support company can provide the answers you need and insights for improving your online business.

20. Training on your WordPress Website

You might use a company for the heavy lifting and back-end development, but you might want to take on other tasks yourself. You can work with your WordPress design or support company to figure out what you can reasonably handle internally, without risking site quality. If you are confident using this approach, your website company may offer to train you in some basic WordPress skills.

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Maximize Your WordPress Site by Hiring a Boston-Based Website Company

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