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Website Redesign for AI-Enabled Biotech Company

This Somerville, Massachusetts biotech company harnesses the power of AI to reveal hidden biological mechanisms of disease and discover breakthrough drugs. They approached our digital agency to build a new custom WordPress website that reflects their recent shift from purely biotech to AI-enabled drug discovery.





Website Design and Messaging

AI-enabled Biotech Company Website Redesign Challenge

Aitia contacted our digital agency to create a new website with a custom design that reflected their existing branding, support with messaging, and search engine optimization. Their existing website focused on their groundbreaking work in AI-enabled biotech, but they needed to start from scratch to highlight their breakthroughs in the field of drug discovery. 

At its core, this new website needed to showcase their science and growing pipeline, and attract partners and investors. Aitia also wanted to demonstrate their rich company culture to prospective employees. 

The Aitia team had an open mind when it came to design, but wanted to include a visual representation of their use of Gemini Digital Twins. They opted to write their own website content, but requested editing services and assistance with search engine optimization from our content manager. 

Aitia needed this new website to be completed on an expedited timeline of only six weeks.

"The team's meticulous attention to every detail throughout the project was truly impressive!"

AI-enabled Biotech Company Website Redesign Solution

Our digital agency has created websites for AI-enabled biotech companies, and completed thorough market research on the field’s trends and best practices. Using this expertise, we were able to translate the Aitia team’s vision into a website that is truly reflective of their work in this niche, yet stands out from the competition. 

The nature of Aitia’s work is multifaceted: they specialize in AI-enabled biotech, and then apply their technology to further the discovery of breakthrough drugs. Our designer and content manager worked closely with multiple members of the Aitia team who specialized in the different core aspects of the business to understand how best to portray them cohesively.

A dedicated agile designer and website design project team

Our lead UI/UX designer created a homepage that wows site visitors immediately with a visual representation of Gemini Digital Twins, one of the pillars of Aitia’s technology. As users scroll, stunning drug-discovery-related imagery draws the eye down the page. Our designer seamlessly incorporated elements of Aitia’s logo into the page design, creating consistent brand representation site-wide. 

“Aitia was looking for a new design that highlighted their focus on AI approaches to drug discovery. We leveraged their existing brand while extending it in creative new ways to position them as the leader in the space,” says our lead UI/UX designer.

Creating enticing custom graphics to speak drug discovery

Additionally, our designer created custom graphics that draw from the client’s slide deck, yet are completely elevated for web. Working with our developer, our designer also created an interactive pipeline that highlights Aitia’s differentiated, novel programs across neurology and oncology. 

A structured biotech writing process

Our content manager worked closely with the client to structure and hone the content that their team wrote and optimize it for web. They also assisted the client with search engine optimization throughout their writing process, as well as behind the scenes on the website itself. 

Our team of digital experts

We were able to adapt our agile process to suit the compressed timeline that the Aitia team required without sacrificing any of the thorough attention to detail that our clients have come to expect from our digital agency. The result is a visually stunning custom WordPress website that can evolve with this growing company. Learn more about what our digital agency can do for your AI-enabled biotech company.

Alison Sullivan Biotech Website Content Manager
“Working on a condensed timeline, there was little room for error when it came to writing content for this website,” says our content manager. “It was extremely helpful that we’d worked with AI-enabled biotech companies in the recent past and already had a clear understanding of the unique needs of the niche. We were able to determine where the client fit in within the industry, and make their website content really stand out from their competition.”
Alison Sullivan
Project Content Manager

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