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Bold Website Design for Startup Oncology Company

MaveriX Oncology—a biotechnology company based in Palo Alto, California—was referred to our expert digital agency by another California-based biotech company who loved their website design created by Ladybugz. The MaveriX team was in need of a biotech website design that could introduce their novel targeted therapeutics to the world and position their technology for success in a crowded immuno-oncology marketplace.





Website Design and Biotech Messaging

Targeted Oncology Startup Needed a Bold Website Design to Match its Bold Mission

MaveriX approached the Ladybugz team with excitement, but also with a fair bit of apprehension because just a few months prior to finding Ladybugz, they went through a near full website design with another agency that ended in a failed launch, many hours wasted, and a lot of frustration. They needed someone they could trust. The Ladybugz team listened intently to MaveriX’s concerns, fears, and hopes for their website and created a customized plan that would fit their needs from start to finish. MaveriX needed a clean, crisp, and bold website.

Ladybugz Interactive has quickly become the trusted partner for early-stage biotechnology companies who need a bold website design that can introduce their novel therapies to the world in a professional and disruptive way. Our expert digital agency has designed and launched many biotechnology websites before with great success, and this was exactly the vote of confidence the MaveriX team needed. They felt fatigued from their first failed website launch so the Ladybugz team worked hard to ease their fears and create a customized plan that fit their needs every step of the way. One of the biggest challenges our teams faced was how to position and communicate their technology clearly and stand out visually.

After our kickoff meeting, the Ladybugz design and copy team went into their creative caves and emerged quickly with three concepts they felt would do the job. The MaveriX team immediately gravitated to the visual X concept that incorporated an important element from their logo design paired with the bold headline “Targeted to Cure” to bring their co-targeting therapeutics to the forefront. 

Together our team explored different colors, accents, shapes, and crafted clear and concise messaging that would align seamlessly with the design. The MaveriX team was thrilled after just one “creative reveal” meeting and felt they were well on their way to the website design they had always imagined. They were blown away by the first round of creative, which set the tone for the remainder of the website design process.

Getting it right, together. 

The Ladybugz team worked diligently and thoughtfully to ensure the process felt right, knowing the frustration they had just experienced during their first website design. We knew we had to get it right and would stop at nothing to get there. The goal of MaveriX’s website was to capture the attention of new investors and partners and introduce their technology industry-wide. 


MaveriX Gets the Bold Website Design of Their Dreams

They needed their website to be big, bold, and bright. They needed their messaging to be clear, concise, and hard-hitting to quickly explain their game-changing technology. The goal was to build a website that would introduce their complex and novel Conditionally Activated Small Molecule Therapeutics to the immuno-oncology space. 

Bold + Bright With A Dark Contrast

Our design team suggested a bold and bright color palette contrasted with a dark background for a dramatic effect to stand out in the stale and color-muted biotech marketplace. Our content team worked 1:1 with the CEO to craft clear messaging that explained their technology and its benefits. Our writers focused on the element of bold intrigue on the homepage and then directed visitors to interior pages for a deeper dive. With trust at the crux of the process, the MaveriX team felt at ease, could sink into the creative process, and worked in tandem with Ladybugz to bring the website of their dreams to life. 

Our expert digital agency tailored the entire experience to fit MaveriX’s pace, needs, and desires. We sped the process up when the team felt it was necessary and we slowed things down when the team needed a bit more time to digest and make decisions. Together, Ladybugz and MaveriX walked and then sprinted through the design process with enthusiasm and creative spirit. We “riffed” and tweaked and iterated until we arrived at our final destination. MaveriX then walked away with a biotech website design that embodied their “maverick mindset” and their bold vision to cure cancer. 

Website Features Customized for Biotechnology

We worked closely with the MaveriX team to understand their goals and challenges so we could create the biotechnology website of their dreams. Their website highlights the details of their novel targeted therapeutics and achieves this through:

  • Bold creative design, colors, imagery, and shapes to intrigue visitors to learn more
  • Clear and concise messaging that explains the potential of their technology to cure cancer 
  • A visual and content-led format that states the problem, solution, and offers clear action steps

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