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This New York-based mentorship organization empowers business women to achieve positions of influence across industries. Women in America has been providing mentorship, networking, and educational opportunities for high-achieving women in business for 15 years, and have evolved significantly over that time. They approached our digital agency to design a new website and rewrite their messaging to reflect their level of sophistication and prominence within their field.


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Website Design and Messaging

Women-Owned Company Website Redesign Challenge

Women in America hired our digital agency to design their new website and write content for it. As a woman-owned company, they were attracted to the fact that we are a woman-owned digital agency.

The WIA team had a specific aesthetic in mind for their new website. They wanted to elevate their brand colors to look more professional and use that vibrant palate site-wide in the most sophisticated way possible.

This new website needed to highlight its impressive offerings: mentoring, networking, and education; as well as the stories of influential businesswomen who have and continue to benefit from their work. The ultimate goal of this new website was to encourage women to sign up as mentors or mentees, or to sponsor participants.


Women-Owned Website Design Attracts New Members

The Women in America team had apprehensions about beginning the website design process again after a negative experience with another agency. However, they had seen our agency’s extensive portfolio of websites for women-owned companies and placed their trust in our team.

The leadership team from Women in America was heavily involved in the design of their new website. They worked closely with our designer to achieve an aesthetic that both met their design goals and represented their mission of empowering women in business.

The homepage for Women in America’s new website features photos from their past events with a translucent black overlay and a powerful opening statement. The photos create an air of authenticity right away, while the black overlay and text give readers a strong first impression of the site.

Our designer and content writer worked in tandem to highlight Women in America’s impressive offerings, as well as their success stories in an eye-catching and informative way. Each page ends with a powerful call to action, prompting site visitors to engage with Women in America.

“Designing the Women In America website was a transformative journey that fused artistic vision and digital innovation,” our designer said of the process. “With purpose-driven collaboration and collective creativity, we channeled the power of design to elevate and amplify the narratives, achievements, and fortitude of the accomplished women in this remarkable community. It was incredibly rewarding to craft a dynamic site that the WIA team is not only proud to share, but that will also be an integral tool to serve and grow the organization’s impact within their community and beyond.”

In addition to designing the website and writing the content, our team conducted market research to provide search engine optimization for Women in America’s new site. Lastly, our development team worked closely with their executive director to create a members-only section of the Women in America website, where current mentors and mentees can access exclusive content.

The leadership team and board of directors at Women in America were thrilled with the result, saying that their new website is “actually unbelievable,” and “so beyond what I expected.” They were impressed with the way our designer and content manager were able to keep the project on task while providing space for creativity and feedback.

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