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SonoThera, Inc., a San Francisco-based series A therapeutics biotech company, develops novel genetic medicines that treat the root cause of human disease. They needed a new website to showcase their ultrasound-guided nonviral gene therapy, and approached our digital agency due to our extensive background designing websites for biotech companies. We worked with SonoThera to create a stunning new website ( that is as unique as their groundbreaking work.





Website Design

Website Design challenges for a newly-launched therapeutics startup

SonoThera launched in 2022 to commercialize ultrasound-guided nonviral gene therapy, but their co-founders have worked with ultrasound technology for over three decades. Most importantly, as pioneers in the field, SonoThera needed a modern, interactive website. The site’s goal would be to share the team’s rich history and highlight its cutting-edge technology.

How Do You Design a Therapeutics Company Website?

Our designers have worked with dozens of biotech companies to design and develop their websites. Therefore, the design team really understands how to incorporate elements of the clients’ technology into the site’s aesthetic.

SonoThera uses a microbubble-mediated process to deliver genetic materials for gene therapy. The team wanted bubbles to be a prominent feature of their new website. Additionally this San Francisco biotech company is built on the basis of ultrasound technology, and needed that imagery to be incorporated into the site as well.

Beyond aesthetics, this website needed to provide critical information to potential investors. Meanwhile, it also needed to attract prospective employees, and peers in the field of gene therapy.

"We looked at a number of potential website developers. We wanted a group that was not only experienced in site development for biotech, but was entrepreneurial in its approach."
SonoThera, Inc

Creating a new website to showcase science and wow biotech investors

Ladybugz Interactive Agency worked closely with SonoThera to design and develop their new website. Using our extensive experience creating websites for biotech companies, as well as inspiration from the client’s groundbreaking technology, we were able to launch their new site in just over two months.

Firstly, our design team used a sophisticated color palette to offset the whimsical tone of the bubbles throughout this therapeutics website. Secondly, they wove these colors into the iconography of every page. Lastly, a modern sleek design was accomplished using ample white space to create a clean, crisp look.

Additionally, we used actual ultrasound footage in the website’s header to introduce SonoThera’s work on their Technology page. This page also features graphics that visually demonstrate SonoThera’s groundbreaking work in a palatable way, as well as their portfolio of published research.

Stunning Yet Simple Features for the Therapeutics Company Website Design

SonoThera’s new website is a visual representation of its groundbreaking work. Meanwhile, it is enhanced with unique features that provide a simple yet effective user experience:

  • Stunning, user-activated design elements
  • Custom iconography using brand colors
  • Sophisticated scientific imagery throughout the site
  • Simple navigation that guides users to learn more about:
  • SonoThera’s platform technology
  • Their recent news and fundraising achievements
  • Enticing career opportunities in therapeutics development
  • Short excerpts that succinctly detail SonoThera’s work
  • The timeline that  SonoThera’s co-founder’s decades-long experience in the field

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