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Website Project Overview

Women-owned startup website design is one of the fastest growing areas of our Boston web design and digital agency. More and more women are recognizing that a career in entrepreneurship, at any age or stage, is a rewarding career path. This time, we were honored to work with a two women-owned sanitation and germ defense product startup company “GermArmor Inc.”

"They take the bull by the horns and want us to succeed."

Startup Website Design Boston MA for GermArmor Manufacturing LOGO

GermArmor provides anti-microbial germ protection for you and your family while you shop. GermArmor let’s you shop with ease, and is eco-friendly because it is reusable and avoids sending those pesky sanitizer wipes to the landfill.

The product required a rebranding, a new website and eCommerce store and some help to build their brand. GermArmor products are high-end and it was hard to show that based on what they already had. So we also created a brand photoshoot for the company to help them get that visual look and feel they were going for.

Startup Website Design Challenges:

This women-owned startup had already gone down the road of branding and website design, but were ready to take the project to the next level.

  • First, GermArmor created a logo and branding that did not quite speak to who they were.
  • Next, the GermArmor product startup had a website that needed to be evolved.
  • The eCommerce section of the website built on a separate platform which was confusing to users.
  • Third, the eCommerce solution needed to integrate the ShipBop warehouse and shipping solution.
  • In addition, the company did not have many photos and required visual assets to better tell their story.
  • Most importantly, the startup company needed a strategy to get their name and product out there.
  • The two-women founders wanted to work with a team who could understand their vision and get to know them.
  • As a result, the product startup needed a team that could be more agile and work in a really collaborative environment.

"I appreciate that they’ve given us suggestions to guide us through this whole process — it’s been outstanding. The site itself is day and night compared to our initial version. It’s soft and happy, and we throw in some affirmations now and then. It’s just a beautifully done website that fits our personality perfectly. Ladybugz Interactive absolutely nailed it."

Startup Website Design Solution

  • First, the team evolved and improved the brand so it still told a story the right story.
  • Second, based on that, the client also desired a branded photoshoot to better tell that story visually.
  • Thirdly, we created page mockups that created a visual story for the evolved website.
  • Using the “Website Design Evolution™” process we took the two existing websites (one for product and one for commerce) and merged them into on platform built on WordPress’s WooCommerce product for online retailers.
  • Most importantly, we launched the site within a month of starting the “evolution” process and easily integrated their shipping solution.
  • As a result, the website is really to use, and easy for customers order and ship products.
  • Lastly, we helped the company promote their brand and products using our brand building “Digital Growth Jumpstart™ package.”
  • We continue to support the startup company and two women as their company grows. We look forward to their continued success and growth as they move forward.

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