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Pharmaceutical Company Website Redesign

A Chicago-based biopharmaceutical company approached our digital agency for help redesign its existing website. AltaThera Pharmaceuticals needed to create trust and credibility with a new professional and modern digital presence. The company just announced its approach to drug development and hydrochloride injection product for Atrial Fibrillation and wanted to get the message out to the world. Its website redesign would need to reflect the fresh, modern thinking of their precision medicine company and their innovative science that aims to improve patient care in hopes of solving serious and costly problems.





Messaging & Website Design

A Chicago Pharmaceutical Company Needed a Modern Website

Their modern scientific approach to drug development uses human clinical data to identify new uses of existing drugs.

Chicago-based Pharmaceutical Company Aims to Solve a Serious and Costly Problem

Our digital agency has worked with many early-stage biopharmaceutical companies before who are working hard to shift entire industries with new therapies, methodologies, and approaches to drug development.

The Altathera team needed a modern yet informative biopharmaceutical website redesign that could successfully communicate their innovative science and approach to drug development. They also needed to introduce their product that converts a historical inpatient procedure to an outpatient procedure to reduce the burden for patients, healthcare providers, and hospitals to the medical community. Their goal was to reach new investors, and partners, and attract new talent.

What Elements Are Needed for a Successful Pharmaceutical Website Redesign?

Every successful biopharmaceutical website redesign must include clean, professional imagery paired with engaging headlines and supporting copy that together set up the problem, and solution, and drive action. For Altathera, the action was to introduce their approach and product to the industry. By communicating the serious and costly problem they are solving with their science and innovation, they told the full Altathera story that would entice their audience to learn more. Their project timeline was set for 12 weeks.

Professional and efficient work, easy to work with, demonstrated that they are extremely capable and care about the customer.
AltaThera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A Successful Pharmaceutical Website Redesign for a Chicago-based Company

We partnered with the team at AltaThera to understand their desires so we could create trust and credibility through a modern pharmaceutical website redesign. Our design team utilized a leaner typeface font and modern imagery to elevate their website. Once the visual look and feel were established, our designers and our content team worked seamlessly with the client to refine and enhance their story both visually and through copy.

Our writers clearly set up the problem and solution on the homepage and then directed visitors to interior pages throughout the website to continue the user’s journey. They wanted to include engaging videos as well to further entice their audience to learn more. The messaging creation and positioning process flowed between the AltaThera team and our expert digital agency. Together, the result was a design and messaging strategy that the team had envisioned and needed to communicate their story and build trust.

A Custom Biotech Website Redesign that is Modern and Clean

Apart from beautiful design and clear, engaging messaging, the biopharmaceutical website redesign needed to illustrate the professionalism of their team and the precision medicine they developed. Through clear, concise, and compelling messaging, their personality stood out. The new font and imagery made their biopharmaceutical website redesign feel fresh and innovative, which was reflective of their team and science.

Website redesign customized for a growing pharmaceutical company

We worked closely with the AltaThera team to understand their goals and challenges so we could create a professional and modern biopharmaceutical website redesign that was customized to fit their needs. Their website highlights the details of their modern approach to drug development and their hydrochloride injection product for Atrial Fibrillation that converts a historical inpatient procedure to an outpatient procedure.

Their website achieves this through:

  • Modern imagery and a lean typeface font for a professional and clean appearance
  • Clear and concise content that explains their science and innovation quickly
  • A visual and content-led format that states the problem, solution, and desired action steps.

Learn more about what our award-winning Boston-based website design agency can do for your biopharmaceutical company.

AltaThera Website Design in Chicago

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