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Multi-location medical care practice increase new patient consultations by over 70%.

Medical Practice Digital Marketing

Website Project Overview

Medi Tresse, a medical practice specializing in treating female hair loss, has five locations in Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee. Medi Tresse had no SEO strategy. The medical care company approached our digital agency wanting to improve organic traffic and increase new patients—especially in their newer locations. Our agency turned things around with improving and finely tuning and existing website, a focus on local SEO, and digital content to attract the right customers.

"The team at LadyBugz has been great to work with. They are extremely timely and responsive. Our meetings are always collaborative, which is important since they are the SEO experts and we are the subject matter experts. While we have scheduled monthly meetings, they are always available to jump on a call or respond to an email between those meetings."

Multi-Location Medical Care Practice Digital Marketing Challenge

Medi Tresse, a medical care practice specializing in women’s hair loss treatment, was expanding into new geographic locations across several states. The company’s intention in redesigning its website was to increase website traffic and convert visitors to patients—especially in its targeted geographic locations.

Before coming on board with our digital marketing agency, Medi Tresse had focused its digital spend on paid advertising only. The company wondered if this was the best strategy. It was especially concerning that organic traffic was sinking. This led Medi Tresse to question the website’s SEO quality, which was not a focus in its original 2021 build and had been only minimally updated since then. 

The bottom line was that Medi Tresse’s website and digital strategies were falling short as they continued to grow.

This was a multi-pronged challenge. Our marketing team needed to develop a strategy to raise organic rankings and attract patients to newer locations while refining the site’s technical elements and user experience.

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the team at LadyBugz is how passionate they are about what they do…They want their customers to do well and they are just as excited about the wins as we are.”

Multi-location Medical Care Practice Digital Marketing Solution

Medi Tresse needed a fully-customized local SEO strategy for their multiple locations. With such a niche target audience, our team of marketers went straight to work. We love working with local businesses and local SEO is our specialty. 

This success could not be possible without the Medi Tresse team. They are the experts in their field, which is critical to building and customizing the SEO strategy, providing communication and collaboration with our team. We work together to be able to provide the results that their target audience needs.


We assigned a six-member team to handle the load allowing us to provide our full attention and deliver the project on time. The team included a strategist, project manager, developer, SEO specialist, technical support, and website content. Our agile design process enhanced collaboration, improved communication, and prevented errors in later design stages.  

Website Health:

Our web technologists began by reviewing the website’s backend to identify overall website health, structure, SEO quality, and problem areas. This initial process helped us more efficiently maximize site speed, fix technical issues, implement basic SEO structures and requirements, and optimize web images. We also continuously provide website updates to improve user experience for those visiting the website and reading the blog. 

SEO-Centric Content Strategy:

Fresh content is critical to SEO. Along with building on-page and backend SEO into the site design, we currently create and publish two Medi Tress blog articles and two case studies monthly—each SEO-enhanced and reinforced using backend SEO tools. We analyze and refine keywords monthly for continuous improvement. We create local SEO-focused content funnels to drive traffic to each location, providing an effective localized strategy for each location. 


With the new website design and continued content creation, keywords have increased by 150 percent and organic keywords have increased by 55 percent—translating to a 70 percent increase in booked appointments from organic traffic. The site’s overall health score rose to 98.

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