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Website Project Overview

Golden Group Roofing is a quality women-owned roofing company located in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts that is leading the way in the roofing construction industry. Golden Group Roofing was seeking a female-owned digital marketing partner to help grow the roofing business with a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

"They come to the table with solutions to your problems and a strategy for growth."

Roofing Company Website Design + Digital Marketing Challenges:

Golden Group Roofing wasn’t attracting ideal clients. The company required leads that truly appreciate that aspect of roofing. They wanted to improve the image and messaging to acquire the desired clients looking for a roofing installation partner.

Golden Group Roofing is also a minority, women-owned business, something our team here at Ladybugz Interactive is passionate about. So it has been a wonderful privilege and inspiration to get to know Greta Bajrami and her amazing team.

This construction company had several needs when it came to this website design and digital marketing partnership. Golden Group roofing required a better architected website to educate users and generate the right kind of leads. Also increase searches in high priority towns for specific niche services around roofing.

A new modern design for the future of roofing

The company needed to modernize with an improved content strategy to build thought leadership and company brand. The company was seeking a cohesive digital marketing expert who could rally all the invested partners in the company’s success including other outside contractors. They were also looking for a local experienced digital marketing agency familiar with the roofing and construction industry in the Greater Boston area.

The project would require SEO and engagement based copywriting to speak to both the SERPS and quality seeking homeowners. Therefore, a digital marketing agency who could expose the Golden Group brand to new and improved audiences. Also a partner to bring to the table creative marketing strategies unique to the Boston and Massachusetts roofing industry.

"Since onboarding the Ladybugz Interactive Agency team, the company saw immediate positive effects on their site speed, usability, and architecture. The website saw an approximate 200% increase in traffic and improvements to their SERP rankings thanks to the team's SEO efforts."

Golden Group gets a new website and exponential growth.

When our team started working with Golden Group in 2020, we tackled an overall website restructure (not a new website) and page layout project for better usability and SEO. Our agency focused on building company’s brand based on quality promise, awards and community. Those efforts included overall site SEO improvement and copywriting, a “YouTube” Video SEO and brand strategy.  Our digital marketing team also implemented iterative on-site SEO improvements that  increased site speed and lowered bounce rates.  With the organic strategy the Ladybugz team built multiple digital advertising campaigns on Google and Social Networks. Ladybugz Interactive continues to work as the digital marketing consulting agency for this client.

After two years of iterative improvements to an old website, and after working with our agency for the past two years, Golden Group decided to engage in a new website design project.

Since our team had restructured and cleaned up the previous website it was easy to migrate those changes and improvements to a new website. Golden Group Roofing wanted to modernize and differentiate itself from other roofing companies. The roofing company wanted something “super-sleep, sophisticated and modern,” not your average roofing company website.

Along with the new site design, Ladybugz Interactive redesigned all of the client’s visuals including social media graphics, and the featured images on the the website itself when pages are shared or displayed.

The site was launched in August 2022, and to date the website has been performing with an increased conversion rate and improved bounce rates and longer visits to the site.

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