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Aeon Muse is a product marketing agency that develops and elevates market leaders through strategies, stories, and insights. They offer integrative GTM solutions for your urgent needs and provide product marketing building blocks for long-term success. Their team of consultants helps B2C and B2B organizations align teams, bridge the gap between vision and execution, and get through to with target audiences. Customers lean on their expertise to meet growth goals and achieve success, however they define it.


Women + Minority Owned



Website Design, Messaging

Women-owned Marketing Agency Website Challenges

Aeon Muse is a fellow woman-owned and founded marketing agency that reached out to our Ladybugz team to assist with their website, which was originally a DIY website created on a drag-and-drop site builder (Wix). While the original website served its purpose in the agency’s early start-up phase, Aeon Muse was now ready to scale their digital presence and had reached out to Ladybugz, another early-growth digital agency with a focus on digital growth and website design.

In 2023, Aeon Muse’s plan was to launch a robust content marketing presence. They need a website to accompany that growth and could effectively represent that growing digital presence, as well as integrate with Hubspot and enable healthy SEO growth. In addition, Aeon Muse sought brand consulting with our creative strategy team. The visual design and content on their current site did not reflect how the agency had grown and the value they now offered.

The boutique product marketing agency had particular goals in mind as well for their new website:

  • To attract new traffic and capture new client leads;
  • To inform any site visitor with a clear sense of who they are;
  • To validate our expertise, experience and impact in the industry;
  • To grow subscriber contacts through inbound marketing;
  • To have a mobile-first design approach;
  • Integrate with Hubspot (Contact page, Site forms, Subscriber opt-in, Lead Magnet, etc.);
  • Ability to collect payment;
  • A balanced modern design approach that marries tradition and minimalism;
  • Provide a professional, approachable, and easy-to-understand voice and tone inspired by a mentor-type persona.

This project took a total of 10 weeks to complete for the marketing agency website design.

"We loved working with the team."
Aeon Muse Marketing

Marketing Agency Website Design Solution

First, our Ladybugz team worked with Aeon Muse to solidify their brand strategy and provide a brand identity that is tailored to their mission as well as voice and tone of the content on their website.

Next, our team began to work on the design, look, and feel of the website based on their new brand identity, delivering a slick, modern, and responsive WordPress website featuring custom animations that conceptually reflect product marketing “pipelines.” Additionally, the homepage hero sizzle video to express the agency’s energy and “it” factor.

Additional Solutions for a women-owned product marketing company

In addition to an elevated brand, our Ladybugz team worked closely with Aeon Muse to provide the following:

  • Elevated and restructured brand messaging with a new tagline, revamped site menu architecture, and overall content revamp to reflect the agency’s growth, differentiators, target markets, and unique value proposition
  • A decision led by the brand evolution – we also guided Aeon through a primary domain name update from “” to “”;
  • The WordPress site, all forms, and a new blog integrated with Hubspot
  • Subscriber opt-in implementation with a custom-designed lead magnet “guidebook” template that they can plug and play for their current offer – and future ones – all while keeping a consistently branded look and feel;
  • SEO-optimized website content, page titles/descriptions, + optimization tools in blog
    Ongoing post-launch site support


Overall this was a really fun and innovative project for the full-woman collaborative teams. We continue to support and partner with Aeon Muse as they continue to grow and expand their agencies’ footprint. It’s amazing what you can create with our agile, think-tank approach to your digital presence, at Ladybugz anything can happen.

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