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CTDMO company elevates their website with Miami flair through an agile process.

CTDMO Website Design

Website Project Overview

OrganaBio helps startups to big pharmaceuticals smooth out their tissue/cell supply chain bottlenecks. The company is an emergent player in the space and offers a unique partnering model that provides cell therapy developers with highly customizable solutions that meet their programmatic needs. From recallable donor selections and cell isolation, expansion, and characterization to process development, manufacturing, and testing services, their solutions remove bottlenecks in the supply chain and mitigate risks with capital-intensive manufacturing processes.

Website Design Challenges

As an emerging leader in the CTDMO biotechnology field, OrganaBio is a CTDMO company that wanted to elevate their existing website to fully represent who they are and where they are going, while still representing their unique Miami flair and their pride for supporting the local Miami, Florida culture. OrganaBio reached out to our Ladybugz Interactive team to assist them in bringing their unique vision to life, as biotechnology design was a niche area for our expanding digital agency.

OrganaBio’s new website needed to stand out amongst their competitors while still providing the unique Miami grassroots into the design. The website also needed to highlight their unique partnering model that provides cell therapy developers with highly customizable solutions that meet their programmatic needs.

Providing Hubspot integration with the website was also something that was important to OrganaBio, as they wanted to keep track of leads. The OrganaBio team was also interested in search engine optimization (SEO) as they began to grow into the CTDMO space across the country, expanding into Southern California.

CTDMO Website Design Solutions through an Agile Process

The CTDMO’s website design challenges presented a unique opportunity between our digital agency and OrganaBio, creating a special footprint in the biotechnology space and CTDMO companies in Miami, Florida. Our team got straight to work to provide an agile process for the CTDMO team and rework the information that was on their existing site to elevate it.

This project was a collaborative process between both teams, using short sprints to be able to work together throughout page building, production, design, development, and polishing their new website. Our digital agency led them through the content process as well as writing to give their content a fresh, new outlook to attract the right consumers. 

Additionally, some of the other solutions were:

  • Integration of Hubspot to track lead generation and contacts;
  • Implementation of Google Analytics and provided training and data analysis;
  • Interactivity – small animations throughout their site to make it “pop”;
  • Bright, bold imagery to provide their “Miami flair”;
  • Defined key messaging and brand identity;
  • Elevation of their brand and positioning to provide authority in the CDMO biotech space
  • SEO integration into the site and SEO consulting and guidance;
  • Ongoing maintenance and support through growth;

All of this could not be possible without the OrganaBio team. They collaborated on the project with how they can support their vision and goals for expansion even further. The Ladybugz team worked with a women-led leadership team. This team helped solidify the brand and design of the website for this CTDMO. OrganaBio continues to evolve with ongoing support and growth from our Ladybugz team to help evolve the site for their next phase of growth in an agile fashion.

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