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How to Create a Custom Paypal Button on your WordPress Website

Have you tried to create a custom Paypal button on your WordPress website, to no avail? Copying the button code onto the WordPress CMS does not work,  but we have figured out another around that to add a custom Paypal Button to your WordPress Website!

First you must create your custom button using Photoshop or some other kind of graphic and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Then you must then load it onto your WordPress Site under Add Media. Once it is uploaded, you will need to view it and copy the URL where it lives on the WordPress Website, you will need this in just a minute.

Next log into your Paypal account. Then, go to the tab Merchant Services Then >Create Payment Buttons for My Website.


PaypalButton1 for your WordPress Website

Next, set the button up inside of the Paypal Option to create a custom button. Setup the button type, the Button Name, Item ID and Price. Then setup “Custom Image”. Paste or copy in the url to the graphic from step 1. above. Then click NEXT.

Paypal Custom Button

Now instead of taking the Website Code for your WordPress Website, Select the Email Code for Website and copy that code.

Paypal Custom Button
On your WordPress Dashboard, open the page where you plan to put the button. On that page, go into the page manager and insert the button that you want to use on the page as the Paypal button. Then highlight the button by selecting it and click on button to add a link. In the link box copy the code from the Paypal Email code generator. The code will look like the code below, where I wrote “Paypal Code Button Goes Here”. If you just want to code in the A Href= tag , then make sure your browser is in text mod.

Hit Save!