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Take Control of Your SEO With Yoast SEO Plugin

Everything You Need to Know About the Yoast SEO Plugin

Is your SEO controlling you?

Well, Yoast SEO gives you full control over your website’s SEO as well as its listing in Google.

With Yoast SEO, you have the chance to set templates for page titles and meta descriptions and easily optimize them with the snippet editor function. It shows the strengths and weaknesses of your listing, as well as providing you with the opportunity to enter a focus keyword, making your site easier to find.

Add Keywords to Your Google Listing with Yoast SEO plugin

While other plugins only permit you to add a piece of content to the beginning or the end of posts in your RSS feed, Yoast SEO allows you to add to both, meaning you can link back to your blog and specific blog post, which is incredibly helpful when a lot of people are combing through your blog.

This plugin includes a content analysis feature as well to assess the readability of a post by checking sentence and paragraph length, sub headings, transition words, and use of the passive voice. What’s great about this feature? You and your readers will get the most out of what’s been written.

Not only that, but Yoast SEO gives you the freedom to choose settings on a per-page basis. This allows you to keep a specific page, category, tag, or customs taxonomy out of the index or sitemap or to set Open Graph share settings displayed in social posts without affecting other aspects of your website.

Yoast SEO includes a canonical link element to differentiate the original, or preferred page, from duplicates, as well as a primary category solution allowing you to select multiple categories for a post while still favoring the main category. It even lets you edit robots.txt and .htaccess files from the Files editor of the plugin, a necessary feature because these files control how search engines see and interact with your site.

Ultimate Optimization with Yoast SEO by WordPress

BONUS: With the Premium upgrade, the plugin will gain features allowing you to redirect old URLs to new ones, include multiple focus keywords, check the appearance of social media posts upon sharing, and give you access to the WordPress support team!