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Branding + Website Design for Me2/ Classical Music for Mental Health

Non-Profit Website Design

Website Project Overview

Non-profit website design has become a speciality vertical for our growing Boston digital agency. Our focus on small growing non-profit organizations has made us efficient and successful when it comes to overcoming some of their small organizational challenges. We’ve really come to love this type of website design work and working with the “Me2/” organization was no different. 

Everything was extremely personalized, and the Ladybugz Interactive Agency team was incredibly responsive.

Me2 Orchestra for Mental Health Boston MA

Non-Profit Website Design Challenges

This Boston Non-Profit focused on classical music for mental health had several pain points they wanted to address.

  • First they had new branding and messaging that they wanted to implement.
  • Next, the non-profit organization for mental health required a new website to showcase its events.
  • Third, there were several new pieces that that Me2 needed to implement such as an affiliate directory.
  • In addition, “Me2” needed an agency who could work collaboratively and in an agile process.
  • Most importantly, the organization needed to highlight the donation page increase donor contributions.
  • The non-profit wanted to work with a Boston digital agency who could work with a very limited budget.
  • As a result, the non-profit organization required a flexible agile local web design agency to meet their needs.
  • Lastly, the non-profit organizations wanted an agency who could continue to support and grow the website.

"We were completely satisfied with the end result -- our gorgeous new website at a price our nonprofit could afford! -- and now we look forward to entering into a monthly maintenance agreement to ensure that we always put our best "virtual face forward!"

Non-Profit Website Design Solution

  • First, a new non-profit website design concept was created and presented.
  • Second, based on that, the client desired a branded photoshoot.
  • Thirdly, we implemented the non-profit website design concept based on the new photo shoot.
  • Next, embedded a donor payment solution that is easy to use and easy to manage.
  • Most importantly, we easily met the non-profit website design need’s based on Me2’s budget.
  • As a result, the website is really to use and navigate along with seeing events and making donations.
  • Built to best meet 2021 ADA Website Accessibility Standards
  • Lastly, our digital agency continues to partner with Me2 to manage and maintain their new website

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