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Boston Non-Profit Website Redesign: Saving Lives + Feeding the Hungry

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Website Project Overview

Non-profit website redesigns can be challenging. Typical non-profits have several stakeholders and limited resources to produce website content and make final web design decisions. In this website redesign project for The Aruna Partnership, an agile team was able to help walk the client through several processes to help them discover the online presence they wanted to capture.

"The website is WONDERFUL!!!"

Boston Non-Profit Website Redesign: Aruna partnership logo

Non-Profit Website Redesign Challenge

Aruna Partnership needed to create a new updated, and modernized website for the non-profit better visually tell their story. Boston non-profit, Aruna Partnership was formed to help women in India by creating economic opportunities for them to take care of themselves and their families. The old website was difficult to update, as it was using basic HTML coding. Aruna Partnership was looking to upgrade to an easy-to manage website technology to easily update photos, client stories and newsletters.

The goal of the website is to continue to increase sponsorship so Aruna Partnership can continue to help women and children in India, especially during the pandemic.

Aruna Partnership, also needed a partner that they could move forward with as their organization grows. As a result, the Boston non-profit continues to partner with our digital agency to continue to grow and evolve their digital presence.

"Feedback so far has been very positive! We're so grateful for this beautiful new website, and for all you've done to make it a reality."

Non-Profit Website Redesign Solution

First, our team walked the non-profit organization through a full discovery to find out more about what their goals and future of the organization. Through our agile process, we help early growth organizations discover their digital voice and how to bring that vision to the forefront.

Secondly, we created several digital designs the Aruna Partnership team could choose would be the best for their future vision.

Next, we used an agile process to build out each page into a live development environment, while continually testing and signing off on several pages. This allowed us to spend less time on testing the pages closer to the end of the process.

We integrated several donation options along with a newsletter signup and archived past newsletters from the old website, that can now be more easily found on the new website.

Last, the site was tested and launched to meet the client’s desired go live date. Overall, the process took about 10 weeks in total.

We continue to partner with the non-profit organization to keep the site maintained and secure, along with assist on any future buildouts as the site continues to grow and evolve.



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