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Website Project Overview

A non-profit chorus website is not a typical project for the web design team at our Boston digital agency. So when the Worcester Children’s Chorus came to us to rebrand and redesign their website, we jumped at the opportunity to give back. Our goal: to help this organization to get past the challenges of 2020. A new rebrand and web presence would help bring them into 2021. The Worcester Children’s Chorus is a non-profit organization in Worcester, Massachusetts, just an hour from Boston. The organizations goal is to enrich the lives of children throughout Worcester County by providing a quality musical experience through training in choral singing.

Brand + Website Design Challenges:

The Worcester Children’s Chorus had several needs when it came to redesigning their brand and website.

  • First there the branding was older and stagnant and the organization required a fresh look and feel.
  • Next, the non-profit organization needed to create a new website to attract and showcase its programs.
  • Third, there were several technical needs such as an advanced registration system and calendar.
  • In addition, the Worcester Children’s Chorus needed an agency who could work collaboratively.
  • Most importantly, the organization needed to increase donations and membership registrations.
  • The non-profit wanted to work with a local team who could work with a very limited budget.
  • Lastly, the non-profit organizations wanted an agency who could continue to support and grow the website.

Brand + Website Design Solution:

  • First, a new modernized color palette and refreshed brand were created.
  • Second, our user experience experts collaborated the sites reorganization and architecture.
  • Thirdly, we organized content and photos, into a new interactive chorus website design.
  • Created a customized registration system and events calendar integration.
  • Most importantly, we easily met the chorus website design timeline and limited budget.
  • As a result, the website really showcases the experience of the Worcester Children’s Choir.
  • Last, our digital agency continues to manage the Worcester Children’s Choir website.

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