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Independent physician association launches new website after branching off of parent company.

Independent Physician Association Website Design

Website Project Overview

An NYC-based independent physician association approached our digital agency to design branding and a website for their new company. SOMOS Innovation is an offshoot of a well-established organization, and centered around value-based care. The non-profit desired a unique new brand identity and a site to engage with their growing community.

Independent Physician Association Website Design Challenges

Our digital agency has worked with several startup companies, and understands the unique challenges of designing a website for an organization in its infancy. 

An efficient website is a critical component of SOMOS Innovation’s work. It is where their member physicians access their premium features, critical industry information, details about community events, and more. Because SOMOS Innovation offers such a high volume of resources and services, organization was a critical aspect of this website design. 

What Elements are Needed on an Independent Physician Association Website?

SOMOS Innovation provides resources and services that save healthcare practices time and money. They needed it to be easy for physicians and practice administrators to navigate through the site to quickly find all of the features available to them. 

Additionally, SOMOS Innovation has deep connections with their member physicians’ communities. They needed a section solely dedicated to news and rapidly evolving educational information that benefits these physicians and their patients.

Creating a New Website for an Independent Physician Association 

We worked with SOMOS Innovation to understand their mission, their work, and their goals. The better our designers know a client, the more accurately they can represent their vision through branding

Our design team distinguished SOMOS Innovation’s branding from their parent company through a unique color palette and expanded logo. Then, our interactive agency worked with their team to map out the details of this comprehensive website. 

An Innovative Twist on Industry Trends

Using SOMOS Innovation’s new branding colors for inspiration, our designers and our content team worked hand-in-hand with the client to perfect every element of this website. Our writers were able to seamlessly integrate industry language into the site without making any aspect too complex. Our designers took care to understand and implement industry trends. They also used innovative design techniques to set the SOMOS website apart from their peers. 

Because the SOMOS Innovation team also needed to focus on growing their organization and delivering the highest standard of service to their members, they had time constraints when it came to creating this website. This was no problem for our digital agency. We developed a strong channel of communication with the SOMOS team, and took care to understand and exceed their needs and expectations. 

Easily Access Expansive Features

SOMOS Innovation’s new website serves as a beautiful, easy-to-use information center that current and prospective member physicians can return to time and time again. It includes features such as: 

  • Interactive menu of SOMOS Innovation’s extensive services, including revenue cycle management, value-based purchasing supports, field engagement, and more
  • Integration with SOMOS Innovation’s parent company physician portal 
  • Catalog of resources, including claim information, policy and procedure manuals, and FAQs
  • Designated section for news and updates
  • Custom formatted newsletters that are easy for the SOMOS team to create themselves and print out for practices to have on hand

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