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On-Page B2B SEO Trends To Implement in 2024

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Looking to Improve On-Page B2B SEO? 

How can businesses improve website performance this Year? Sound advice is to pay attention to on-page B2B SEO trends for 2024. Compared to backlinks, social media, and other SEO practices outside your website, on-page SEO is about creating content and website code to rank you higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This article provides 10 significant trends with dozens of valuable how-to tips for maximizing the leading B2B SEO trends in 2024.

2024 On-Page SEO Trends for Better Page Ranking

As user behaviors shift and technologies become more advanced, SEO professionals must adapt to edge out the competition. This means updating existing pages, creating new content, and developing code that takes advantage of current trends and anticipates Google’s future direction.

While all SEO experts may not agree on exactly how to get to the top of search rankings in 2024, here are some trends you can count on to improve your website results.

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1.   Experience is the New Signal for Quality

When it comes to on-page B2B SEO, quality remains the granddaddy of all ranking factors. A foundational element of quality boils down to the four areas of E-E-A-T: Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The second category, Experience, has been added recently as a quality signal. Demonstrating that the author of the content has first-hand experience with a topic, product, or service.


Tips for Demonstrating Experience:

  • Write original product reviews
  • Build up your About Us and Author pages and keep them current
  • Showcase examples of past success and influence, including case studies, testimonials, publications, public speaking events, and conferences
  • Provide in-depth descriptions of your team members, services, and products
  • Share current news and updates
  • Use relevant schema types and properties

2.  Local SEO Yields Powerful Results

Local SEO makes you the king of your business category when people have a “near me” type of search. Mobile and voice search technology has made local search explode.

Tips for Local SEO:

  • Apply local keyword research
  • Create town-focused webpage
  • Use local business schema markup
  • Include local testimonials and reviews on your web pages.    

3.  User Intent Gains Steam

Google’s mission is simply to give users what they want, serving up the most relevant, useful information based on the user’s search query. Search technology and predictive analytics are increasingly getting better at understanding the user’s intent when they search, either by typing or speaking.

Tips for User Search Intent:

  • Identify different types of user intent (informational, transactional, and navigational)
  • Research keywords and topics based on user intent
  • Review SERPs (search engine results page) to see what type of pages rank highest   
  • Optimize content, content structure, and format based on user intent

4.  Explore AI Tools for Efficiency and Analysis

AI and machine learning have the potential to take the grunt work out of many SEO tasks, increasing efficiency and delivering superior optimization capabilities. This leaves SEO pros free to focus on more strategic issues requiring human expertise and experience. AI is known to deliver low-quality and sometimes inaccurate results, so masterful content creators win out over AI-generated content.  

Tips for Using AI:

  • Save time and gain better insight into keywords, especially long-tail keywords
  • Analyze and get recommendations on SEO for on-page content, urls, and structural errors
  • Develop ideas for new content, recognizing that AI-generated content can lack quality
  • Analyze data to learn about your target audience and user intent

5.  Mobile-First is a Primary UX Factor

More people now search on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. Google has responded by prioritizing mobile-friendly pages when ranking pages. SEO practitioners also need to optimize for mobile devices because of the impact on how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks web pages.

Tips for Mobile-First Optimization:

  • Use responsive design to adjust to mobile screens
  • Revamp navigation and user interface for ease of use
  • Improve loading time and page speed
  • Use long-tail keywords for personal (“I”) and conversational speech
  • Create mobile-friendly forms
  • Compress images and video

5.  Apply Schema and Well-Structured Data

Revisit your website code to ensure it is well-structured and uses schema markup to communicate details that help search engines better understand and index your website’s content. Using schema increases the odds of gaining featured snippets and other rich results on SERPs.

Tips for Using Schema and Well-Structured Data:

  • Use relevant schema, including those for organizations, places, people, events, products, creative work, and reviews. 
  • Use vocabulary
  • Mark up your content using microdata
  • Check for AI and machine-understandable versions of information
  • Maintain a clear URL structure
  • Categorize your pages
  • Connect pages with internal linking
  • Build simple navigation and create a sitemap

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6.  Leverage Video Marketing Opportunities

Video will be a top B2B marketing strategy in 2024. Business professionals don’t have time to waste, and videos allow them to consume more content with greater speed and with higher retention than reading text. Videos are taking up more SERP real estate on mobile and desktop, including “video carousels” with related videos at the top of search results. You can also gain video-rich snippets.

Tips for Video Content:

  • Optimize the video title, description, captions, tags, and other metadata
  • Include watch time, upload date, location of the video file or embedded player, and a thumbnail image
  • Use markup for VideoObject and structured data

7.    Boost Conversions with Transactional Keywords

When we hear the word transaction, we think about money changing hands. A website can have many transaction goals, however, such as downloading a white page, requesting a demo, registering for a webinar, or filling out a contact form. Transactional keywords may be highly transactional (buy, download, sign up), moderately transactional (products, price, solutions), or industry-specific.  

Tips for Transactional keywords:

  • Use transactional keywords to optimize your product and service pages
  • Add transactional keywords to CTAs (calls to action)
  • Use in any content pieces relevant to conversion, including videos, infographics, podcasts, landing pages, and more

8.   Improve Core Vitals and Page Speed

Quickly seeing a page they click on is a top priority for Google’s UX ratings and part of Google’s Core Vitals rating. SEO professionals take steps to improve how long it takes for page content to load, unexpected shifts in page layout upon loading, and how long it takes the browser to respond to the user’s first interaction with a page.   

Tips for Core Vitals:

  • Compress images
  • Clean up and compress code
  • Upgrade to a premium hosting service or dedicated server
  • Activate browser caching,
  • Test speed with tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights

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9.   Increase Your Website’s Accessibility and Reach

Google has increased web accessibility as a ranking factor. B2B businesses can improve traffic and conversions by making it possible for 1.3 billion people—or 16% of the population who experience a significant disability to fully use your site.   

Tips for Accessibility:

10.   Optimize Images for Visual Search

Advancements in image recognition, AI, and image recognition technologies have given rise to visual search, allowing users to search for images on their mobile phones rather than using text – a technique increasingly popular among Millennial and Gen Z customers. Optimizing for visual search makes product images and service listings more visible in SERPs.

Tips to Optimize for Visual Search:

  • Focus on image quality and focus
  • Include structured data markup
  • Use suitable alt-text
  • Include image sitemaps
  • Use the appropriate size and file type

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Gain an Edge with On-Page B2B SEO Trends in 2024

SEO remains a critical component of the digital marketing landscape and continues to evolve. How can B2B companies adapt their SEO strategies to rank at the top of search pages? The most important thing is to keep up with Google algorithm changes, shifting user behaviors, and other factors that drive your competitors to get top rankings. Adapting to new trends requires research, SEO expertise, and strategic knowledge.

Do you need support in developing your business’s SEO strategy and putting it into action on your website? Consider hiring a digital Agency like Ladybugz to refresh or create a fully optimized website that improves your rankings, traffic, and conversions.



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